How to Create a Playlist for Your Novel

Okay, so apparently I actually get busy and use my free time to do school/procrastinate school, and sometimes blog posts get bumped down the priority list. So, sometimes I don’t post for five days or five weeks (well, not typically five weeks, but still). Also, expect a post tomorrow too (because I already scheduled it….)

Novel Playlists! *runs around the room screaming* I love them. They’re a combination of music and writing, why wouldn’t I? For those of you who have never had the joy of having a novel playlist while writing, here is a brief description.
A novel playlist/soundtrack is a collection of songs and pieces that remind you of your novel and inspire you to write. Here is my process to find the perfect songs for your novel.

Step One: Open Your Spotify/YouTube/Apple Music

Unless you own a ton of music, do it on a platform where you can add music without having to buy it. Create a playlist with the title of your novel, or if you don’t have one, something like”NaNoWriMo 2017″ or “Summer WIP”.

Step Two: Know What You’re Looking For

What kinds of things inspire you? Would you prefer songs that match the mood and theme, or songs that describe your characters, plot, and events? I usually choose a blend of these things. A lot of people like soundtrack music as a background while they’re writing, but I prefer lyric music. Basically, know what you prefer.

Step Three: Choose Your Music

Knowing what you want, go through your music and if you need to, look for new songs, and at them to your playlist. I usually like about 20-30ish songs, but as time passes I typically find you want to take some songs out or add other ones in.


See? That wasn’t so hard! Okay, maybe it can be a little more intense than that, but I hope this helps you get the gist of creating novel playlists. I also have song recommendations if anyone needs them (I know some good songs, sorta XD).

Do you use novel playlists? If so, what kinds of songs do you use?

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  1. I don’t use novel playlists. But that may be because I’ve never thought of using them! That’s a great idea, actually. And no, I don’t have any songs for my novel playlist. Except when I’m writing an action scene, I sometimes think of the song Invincible by Two Steps From Hell (weird artist name, I know)

    1. Very weird. XD Novel playlists are fun. We should listen to that while we’re editing our script. Speaking of, when is your free time today?

  2. I LOVE listening to music while I write! *happy sigh* I haven’t created an official novel playlist for the one I’m plotting this month yet, but… yeah, I’m going to do do that right now. XD So far I have a few super dramatic epic war music score themes from *facepalm* and a couple of electronica songs by Andy Hunter. The epic war scores are fitting for my novel… not sure why the two electronica songs get me in the mood, though. XD For any novel, I always look to for my music first.

    And yes. Music and writing, what could be better? 😄 Well, maybe a few things, but… eh, you get the picture. XD


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