How to Create Fantasy World- Collab

Hey, everyone! Today I’m doing a collab with the amazing Loren at Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes. We’re doing How to Create a Fantasy World, as you may tell. I’m going to do five points, and she’s going to take the same points and do them from a different angle. Be sure to check her blog soon for the next post! Let’s get started.


1. Inhabitants

Different worlds mean different people who live in them. They could be animals, elves, wizards, or even your own creation. Making them different with different personalities can be the key to making it feel like a new world.

2. Locations

One awesome thing about creating fantasy worlds is making locations that would never exist in this world. For example, in Keeper of the Lost Cities, there’s an indoor waterfall. In Harry Potter, there’s Hogsmead. Be creative!

3. Cultures

New world, new people, new cultures. Maybe all the royalty wear shoes that change color on every hour, or the townspeople celebrate Christmas by catching stars. Maybe children are forbidden to befriend each other. Make it fit your story- or give it an interesting twist.

4. Magic

This doesn’t have to be magic, magic, but the element of magic. Like, say, in Narnia when the painting comes to life, or when Lucy travels through the wardrobe. This can be extremely fun to write, beacuese it will feel like you’re using magic while writing it.

5. Government

What makes a fantasy world complete? Government! This is the way your world is ruled.  It changes the story completly. The council of elves, the White Witch, or maybe a government that decides everyone can get free ice cream (just kidding, that might cause your fantasy world’s first world war. Unless you want that to happpen, then go ahead.).

I hope you enjoyed this post! What is your fantasy world like? Share in the comments below.


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  1. I’m writing about a fantasy world. Well, not writing- I’ve been-er- what’s the word- borrowing things from real life and filing them mentally to be used in my project…

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