How to Have a Great Blog

I saw one of these posts on a blog once so I want to do one. If you are doing something I say not to do it’s not because you have a terrible blog, it’s just you need to improve. These are some tips I have gained from looking at other blogs, not just one blog.

1. Try your best not to have blurry photos. If you accidently do one or two and don’t realize it until it is on your computer, just say (sorry for the blurry photo). Also make sure your pictures and text on different lines.

2. Don’t have posts of just one or two sentences. The exceptions are if you doing a quick update or saying sorry you didn’t do something on time, etc. It will show you don’t know what to do. Just don’t post it unless you want to add something else.

3. Use proper grammar. It shows to most people you don’t know what you are doing, not that most people will think that. Especially don’t get your and you’re mixed up. Your is like, ‘that is your car’, and you’re is short for you are, like ‘ you’re going to the movies’.

4. Don’t have cheesy stories. Do your best to have good storylines in your photo stories.

5. Don’t have your picture area messy unless it is part of your story. I know cleaning you room is hard, but please do it if possible. If it is a big mess, go outside.

6. Make sure it easy to comment on your blog. If someone visits your blog without a google plus account, they shouldn’t need one to comment. I like websites where anyone can comment. I mean, you can just do your parent’s email if you don’t have one.

7. Try to make sure people can like your posts if you have that kind of blog. A lot of times I try to log in as a wordpress blogger, but because my site is hosted by host monster, it won’t let me. You might  not be  able to change this though.

I will do more later!



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    1. Thanks. I hope a lot of blogs do this. My biggest pet peeves for blogs is the lack of ability to comment and bad grammar. It annoys me so much!

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