How Well Did You Know Isabelle, GOTY 2014? FIXED

If you didn’t even know who Isabelle is, don’t take the quiz! Oh, I figured out I had it on the wrong setting the whole time.

Wow, 16 responses! (Okay, I did two for a test drive….)

0-2 Right

Did you even know AG had GOTY?

3-5 Right

Obviously, you learned about Isabelle on the site, but you didn’t read the books. Check out your local library.

6-7 Right

Either you only read some of the books, or are so caught up in Grace that you don’t remember Isabelle.

All 8 Right

Congrats! You are an Isabelle expert.


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  1. I got all 8 right! I haven’t even read the books, or watched the movie, too! This was such a fun quiz! Thanks for your hard work!

    1. Thank you! When I clicked finish, it didn’t say anything except “Done. Create your own…..” I’ll see if I can fix it.

  2. Um . . . Josie? Isabelle’s best friend’s name is Luisa. And, I took the quiz — it was fun! When are you going to do your writing program?

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