American Girl is having HUGE sales! Photos from the AG site. Here are some that are really good. The outfits are really good.

Soft as Snow Outfit!

50% off! $17! What a deal!

Saige’s Tunic Outfit

Approximately 24% off at $22. Great for Saige owners. I want this!

Mini Dolls: Kirsten and Josefina

They are $18, 25% off! These would be good Christmas gifts, if you had the money.

Bath Time Basics

Great for Bitty Babies. 50%, and $4.

Embroidered Nightie

You are not going to believe this… $15 at about 64% off! With free shipping until the 25th! It used to be $42! AG has really outdone themselves.  All lot of girl clothes are on sale. Here is the clothes sale page.

Scribble, Squiggle, and Sketch Book

This is only $6 , about 73% off!

AG In-Store Only  Shirt

They are there for all the stores, I just chose this one because it was first :).  It is 62 1/2% off, $3 for the doll shirt. The girl shirt is 75% off, at $6. I can’t believe they are selling these online. I hope they aren’t discontinuing them.

Find Your Way Book

69% off, at $4! It is already sold out!

Here is the link to the rest of the items, so you can see them for yourself. I am very surprised at AG, they have an excellent sale!


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