Hello, everyone! Back in spring, I was in a commercial! I just want to say I wasn’t paid or sponsored to say this, I’m sharing my experience of being in a commercial and helping promote a good cause.

LifeCulture Apparel makes pro-life clothing. The hand drawn designs are super pretty! My church’s youth group was invited to participate in the commercial, so about fifteen of us took a road trip to the filming place. For lunch, they provided pizza, snacks, and soda. We waited there for about 30-45 minutes.

After lunch, we walked over to the “barn” (reinvented to be a basement/hangout place). The youth were in groups of about four to seven, and there were some families as well. We got to choose the shirt or hoodie we wanted to wear. I chose this shirt. It was a kid size, but I think they ended up making them larger too.

The first part of the filming (while we were there) took the groups and filmed them laughing and hanging out. It took place upstairs, where a film crew and decorations were set up. The families with little kids went first, then the youth groups went.

My group was told to take weird, large steps while we were filming, which ended up looking like we were in slow motion. They also gave us other poses while they filmed and took pictures of us modeling the clothes.

After the groups, they did talents. I saw a ballerina, guitarist, and violinist. They were all extremely talented!  Once they finished, they asked if anyone wanted to do individuals. Of course, my pastor said “I know a girl who would love to do one!” That’s what I get for talking about acting at lunch…

Two of my friends went with me and we filmed on the bridge outside. Other people got shots walking and playing.

I bet you’re all dying to see this video, now aren’t you?

The clothes are now on their website for pre-sale. I recommend this hoodie (it was my favorite, but the size they had didn’t fit me). If you pause at 0:01, you can see my friend wearing it.

I hope you enjoyed reading!


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  1. WOW Josie that’s so amazing you got to team up with such a great cause. I saw you did it also with Liv. I love what that cause stands for. Especially since so many people are pro- choice and pro abortion. Its so sad that people are pro abortion. That’s such a great cause and I just wanted to say that’s so cool and I’m glad you were helping spread the word of pro-life.

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