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*This was inspired by Unicorn’s post*

I was looking through my “memory box” when I found this story. Here it is, as unedited as possible:

Just A Little Girl

Trisha:    “Mother time to give me my money”.

Mother: “Hmmm. How much money for raking. Aha. Five bucks, alright?”

Trisha: “Ok. Five it is.”( Mother gives Trisha fake money.)

That night,

Robber: “Honey, It’s alright. I won’t get caught”

Robbers wife: “Ok. Try your best.”

Mom: “Good night, sweet heart.”

Trisha: Good night, mom.”

Robber: “Ha Ha Ha.” ( Robber grabs fake money.)

The next morning,

Mother: I’m going to the bank want to come with me?

Trisha: ” Sure.”

Mother: Oh my! Our money!

Trusha: Gulp. (Puts hand on her face and pretends to weep.)

Mother: I’m going to find a job. You too.

Trisha: But mom……………………………

Mother: Just do it. I know! The well owner needs somebody to throw down the bucket for water.

At the well,

Well owner: What are you here for? ( Sound angrey.)

Trisha: To get a job.

Well owner: Alright.

At the end of the day,

Trisha: Why didn’t you hand me my money?

Well owner: I give you it at  the end of the month.

At the end of the month,

Trisha: Finally money.

Well owner: Here. I think you need this.( He hands Trisha a lot of fake money.)

Trisha: How can I ever thank you?

Well owner: No need to thank me,

Back at home,

Trisha: Mom, look!

Mother: Ah! That much money! Let’s have a party!

Trisha: Yes  mom, yes!


Do any of you have stories like this? I have quite a few.

Until we meet again,


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