Merry Christmas (A Day Late)!

Merry Christmas 2014!!!!!!!

I got really good gifts this year, but it is a little hard to concentrate on the real meaning of the season.

Oh, and guess who’s sitting with me….


Yay!!! I had a Christmas photo story, but it was on my iPod and I forgot how to connect it to the computer. Caroline is gorgeous and I love her! My parents wrapped her in boyish brown wrapping paper and hid it in the back of the tree so I wouldn’t stare at it and know what I got. I am so excited. I also got the Picture Yourself Here book from AG. I am also using some of my Christmas money to buy Grace, GOTY 2015 (if my parents will let me) and/or go on an AG shopping spree.

20 Days of Holiday Writing is taking a two day break.

Merry Late Christmas!


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  1. Congrats Josie! Caroline is a beautiful doll! Make sure to use the sparkly pick with her hair, or just finger curl it. And don’t forget water! That’s what maintains those luscious locks! 😉

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