Mini Isabelle

Hi, it’s Saige. You’ll never believe what happened yesterday; it nearly made me jump out of my skin, uh, plastic. It all started when…


“Help! Get me out of here!” I heard someone cry. “I’m in the basket.”


I was a little frightened, but I went over. ‘Who could it be,’ I wondered.


“It’s a mini doll of the year, Isabelle!”

“Can I have some help?”


“Oh yeah, sorry. I just can’t believe it!”

“Well start believing it.”

“I’m Saige, the 2013 DOTY (doll of the year)”

“Really? We have a lot in common.”


Mini Isabelle and I talked for a while. She said I could call her just Isabelle, or Izzy. By then, Felicity came to see what all the excitement was about.


“Oh my goodness! It’s a mini Isabelle!”

“Yes, Felicity, try to keep up.”


Mini Isabelle and Saige. Bye!





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