My New Dollhouse

I needed more room, so I switched to the room with the walk in closet! I have two selves for my dolls. The rest of my closet is a bit messy, and the pictures were hard so a few of them are blurry :(.


This is my overall doll house.


This is the horse stall. I found an old Barbie horse for Izzy (photo story about that soon!).


This is the kitchen.


Here is the fridge. Put it on the floor and open it, and it’s a bed!


This is the oven, made with paper, duck tape, and cardboard.


And this, of course, is the table and chair.


This is the living room/bedroom 1. Bedroom 2 is the floor with blankets.


This is the wardrobe.  Mini Isabelle will now show you her house.


Hello, wonderful viewers! I think I have the best house. I have 3/4 shelf all to myself (or another mini doll if my mom gets one for Christmas). This is the pulley Mom made me. It breaks sometimes though.  Above my house, there is a sign that says, “Mini Doll House,” and there is a lea above it.


This is were you get off. There is a foot mat so no dirt gets in my house.


This is my bed…


And this is my couch bed!


This is my wardrobe.


These are my pets.


This is my imagination box. I play in here. This box can be a ship, airplane, rocket ship, and anything I can come up with. It has an I for Isabelle with duck tape on the cover, but Mom says it’s I for imagination.

That’s my doll’s house! Do you like it?


P.S. Voyages D’été tomorrow!

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