My Opinion on Grace Thomas

ProHello, people of the world! I decided to share with you my opinions on the Grace Thomas collection. I know a lot of you are complaining about this, but I am silently thinking, “YES!!! AG HAS A GIRLY-GIRL!”

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Grace Thomas doll


Pros: I think Grace is really pretty.  Her skirt is really cute, and I love her boots. But the shirt? It’s okay, but not as good as the rest of her collection.

 Cons: $120 is really pricey. And her eyes? Blue. Let’s see… Isabelle’s eyes? Green. Saige’s eyes? Blue. McKenna’s eyes? Blue. Kanani’s eyes? Green. Get the point? Try a brown or hazel eyed GOTY.

Grace’s Baking Outfit


 I think this is so cute! I love the colors, and the headband tops it off perfectly. AG did a pretty good job on this.

Grace’s PJs


Oh my goodness, I am in love with this! The blue totally matches Grace’s hair.  I will totally be getting this in my next AG purchase!

Grace’s City Outfit


Pros: I think red is a good color for Grace. The headband also looks cute.

Cons: The pants and shoes are a little weird.

Grace’s Opening Night Outfit

Pros: I think this is cute, and I LOVE the shoes.

Cons: I think the tulle was taken a little too far.

Grace’s Travel Jacket


Wow! I love this. I bought it at the AG store. It is made with good fabric and will last a long time. I only wish it didn’t have Grace’s name  on it  and they had shoes with it.

Grace’s Welcome Gifts


Two words: Boring. Expensive.

Grace’s Baking Accessories


I think this is awesome. It has a lot of good accessories. But really? $68? For plastic?

Grace’s French Bulldog


I think this is cute, but I really don’t want  to pay 20 bucks for a stuffed animal.

Last but not least expensive…..

Grace’s French Bakery


Just love. I saw this at the store. It’s really detailed. But $500? Even $100 would be to expensive. Maybe $60.


I think Grace has a very cute (and expensive) collection. But no more blue or green eyed dolls. Seriously.

Ar Revior!

~ Josie

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  1. Yes, I like grace. She is a beautiful doll. But, Whew! they have upped their prices! I mean, AG is a nice doll company, very nice. But still, Like, do these dolls really cost that mush to make!?!? Oh well, the are still beeeautiful!

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