My Writing Life #4: In Need of Title

(Welcome to My Writing Life, where we find the little extrovert sobbing in a corner eating ice cream despite being lactose intolerant and staring at the stars because she can’t speak without extreme pain and blogging is the only way she can talk and there are too many emotions running through her brain and most importantly she can’t sing)

Well, this post could be called I’m Writing the (Almost) Same Novel for Like the Third Time and I’m Having Trouble Being Decisive.

And you don’t understand there’s a 50% chance of me losing my voice and that’s only happened to me once. Then people are like “oh yeah you can talk NOW” but no I can whisper a bit with pain after not talking for a while.

Sorry for the grammar.

Onto writing.

So. Same novel-ish. I’ve had these characters (Kamri, Erin, Mason, Collin, and somewhat Courtney {now Tara}) that have been stuck with me and I haven’t found the right way to tell their story. First, I tried making it a fantasy. Then my writing improved so I rewrote it. Now I’ve realized it needs to be a coming of age story, called Halfway to Fourteen instead of Crossing Galaxies.

About the old novel, I’ve decided that they reset their weird fantasy world to be more normal and somewhat better. They epically failed.

Ready to hear about my indecisiveness? I’ve decided that for right now, novel writing is kind of a just-for-me thing.

Well that was quick.

Let’s not talk in detail because I will rant (two words: college major).

This will probably be posted tomorrow or the middle of the night.

Turns out it was tomorrow! With the help of the internet, I have made it into the seemingly impossible timeline of tomorrow. I apologize for any weird things I wrote in this post TODAY (mwahahaha). It was late.

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  1. Wow, Josie. That was certainly… interesting. In the good way, of course. But other than that, I’m at a loss for words…

  2. Oh no, I hope you get better soon! So do you mean like lose, lose your voice or like sore-throat-that-gets-better lose your voice? Either way, I will definitely be praying for you, my dear Ete. β™₯
    Heh heh, I know what you mean about the writing thing. I have way too many bits of stories and characters and plots swirling around my head but maybe not enough for a whole story, so I keep changing them around in the hopes of fitting everything together. XD
    Feel better soon, and eat lots of lactose-free ice cream, okay? πŸ˜‰

    1. Sore throat lose my voice so far. It’s better today, but it might come back (it did that the other day). Thank you, Ojo!

    1. Thank you! Well, I want a degree in the arts, either theatre or music, but apparently it’s “impractical” and I don’t know yet if I want to write/edit but apparently I’m too young to worry about it. (rant over, sorry)

      1. I TOTALLY FEEL YOU. I’d love to double major and get a degree in piano performance, but gah how will I surviveee and also same about the “impractical” thing. πŸ˜› Yeah, people tell me that I’m too young to be thinking about it — but then I go to school and casually discuss majors and universities and whatnot with my friends there. Life is a struggle. XD

        1. RIGHT? If I’m old enough to have to worry about my grades to get into college, I’m old enough to worry about college. And there’s the whole “actresses being waitresses in New York” story.

  3. I was afraid to click on this post. Now I know why.

    JK XD

    Get well soon, Josie! Praying for ya. About your writing, at least you’re doing better than me. XD I haven’t even finished my first novel and am hoping I won’t have to rewrite it… Let’s see how well that goes. πŸ˜›


    1. BE AFRAID (kidding). Thank you! How far have you gotten on your novel so far? I remember you said it was about 90k a few weeks ago.

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