My Writing Life #6: We Wrote a Movie?!, Camp NaNo Stress, and More

Hello, everyone! It’s time for another My Writing Life, even though I had a different post scheduled for today and the next My Writing Life isn’t until April but I’ve scratched my schedule completely . The My Writing Lifes are evolving, becoming easier and more fun to read (and write). Now, I bet you’re curious because of the title, so we’ll start.

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Part One: Espionage

My friend Heidi and I wrote a full length (~1 hour and 20 minutes) script! We’re now in the editing process, and hope to start filming soon.  There are many plot twists that were fun to write and come up with, a deep love of pogo sticks, and an awesome action take-down-the-bad-guys scene. It’s also full of awesome jokes (especially the ones I put in that broke the fourth wall, but I realize I don’t have a popular opinion. Sorry Heidi.). Here’s a description:

(NOPE. NO DESCRIPTION. Meant to add this in later, but we’re too busy editing to do that. But it’s about spies and bad guys.)

What do we do next? Become Hollywood directors! Just kidding. We’re making a sequel/prequel.

Part Two: Possible New Blog Series

It’s been so long since I’ve done a blog series! The nostalgia. I had Dragon’s Fire, but that was so old, I didn’t want to finish it (I’ve learned so much since then). So, I’m going to write the whole thing out in order to stop that from happening again. I don’t have any ideas yet, though… maybe one of my older novel ideas?

Part Three: Camp NaNo Stress

Why am I stressed, you ask? Well: One, I have more prepped for Halfway to Fourteen than for Fantasy Gossip. Two, what if, come April, it’s not enough?? Three, the document looks awful! (actually, that’s probably just my brain being weird).

However, I have it under control. I am printing out/formatting the stuffs! But there is another problem. What if I get so excited for one novel that I end up not writing the other? Well, Josie, that’s what happens when you decide to write two novels at once and set impossible goals to prove them possible. 

I have a game plan for Camp, however! I’ve noticed one pattern in deciding to discontinue my novels is because they look bad. I mean, turn on the red squiggly line, five paragraphs full of “Something something something” as I advised in my NaNo Post. I’ll be sharing the rest of this in a couple weeks in a post (3 Things I’m Going to do Differently For Camp NaNoWriMo).

That’s all for this round of My Writing Life! What are your current writing projects? Please share them!

Do you like spies? Do you like movies about spies? Especially kid spies? (Hint: the answer is yes.)

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  1. Omg so I have been trying to comment on your past posts and have been unable to. *cries* So I’m just gonna make this short (in case length has something to do with it???) and say AWESOME POST!

  2. YOU WROTE A FILM SCRIPT? That’s awesome, Josie! And yusss preparing for Camp is stressful. Or maybe I’m just overthinking it. Or both. (Probably both.) XD

  3. I love your My Writing Life posts! 😀 That spy movie sounds awesome. XD I’ve made about three spy movies but all three were very, very terrible. XD I love spies. I love movies about spies even better. Especially movies about kid spies! 😄


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