NaPoWriMo, Day the Seventh

Hello, MKZ. I know you’re watching.

Ahem. So I’m going to be posting poems all month, as I registered my blog, and everyone seems to enjoy my poems. I’m hoping that learning poetry will help with my songwriting. Also, expect Blogging 101 and AAWC Challenge I later today and tomorrow.

Letting Go

Laying in a beautiful field,

Pouring out my soul,

Letting out all the fear and anger I feel

The sunlight keeps me warm,

Though my inside may be torn,

Letting in the happiness and joy

When the night falls so deep, and it’s time to leave

There’s no more sunlight to keep me warm,

But I’ll never forget

All of the fear and anger that I let go

Today’s prompt was a Tritina, so I tried my best to follow the outline.It was quite fun to make. Are any of you doing NaPoWriMo?


Why did I go back to this signature, you ask? Simple: the other one wouldn’t load. 😉

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