Day One

i am not like you

you made sure i knew that

and it followed me through

everything that i do

can anyone hear me?

i am drowning

in a sea of copies

of an idea of a perfect being

too good, too bad

my ideas are wrong, my ideas are right

conflict running through my head

and i feel like i’ve lost my sight

Day Two

Most of this was personal, and not entirely finished, so I’m only sharing the last part.

thank you to those who are kind

thank you to those who put others first

because though you might not have changed the world

you have changed my world

Day Five

the world would be so much different if you weren’t here. your looks don’t matter, neither does your weight, as long as you are healthy. i promise, you aren’t annoying. you were made with special talents only you have, even if they aren’t in the most obvious of places. the world is very confusing, it tries to give you standards of perfect that are impossible to meet. your parents are proud of you, but sometimes they need to discipline you, but you only see one side of the story which is why you don’t feel good enough for them. you have a place, because you are unique and there is only one of you. there are people who love you and care for you, you just need to get past the filter you put on yourself to only see the bad. being anxious does not make you less than, it just makes you human. you’re not fake, you act different around different people and that’s normal. your music taste is made for you, not made for other people to judge, and so does everything else you like. you are a role model to someone, even if you don’t know who it is, you never know who is watching you. you are smart in your own way, just because you are not good at everything they try to teach you in school doesn’t make you stupid. depending on other people for your worth is normal, but not good, and you will overcome it, i promise. you will know who you are one day, because you are someone.