Operation: Escape News

I’m sorry to say that I’m cancelling Operation: Escape. I will be doing another photo series soon.


You should have seen the look on your face! Oh, wait, I didn’t see it either. Anyhow, I was just kidding. And now, Operation: Escape, Part 3.


I ran over to my sister. I pulled a knockout bullet out  of her leg.


A couple minutes later, a saw a distant figure run towards us.


“Your Highness, I’m so sorry! We needed food and thought you were deer, and oh! I’m a Nurse Maria, I can fix your sister’s leg right up! And-” Maria babbled on and on before I told her to just take us inside. Between the two of us, we could carry Annika into the house. Maria’s stable boy took Diamond.


We laid her on Maria’s nursing bed, and then Maria took a few minutes to prepare a room for me.


Maria took my jacket and hung it up, then showed me to my room.


“This is your room, My Lady. I know it’s not as fancy as he castle, but I hope you like it all the same,” Maria said as she pointed to a large rom with a bed and bathroom. “You can take a nap if you like while I fix up dinner.”


I dropped into the bed and fell asleep immediately.


I woke up a few hours later, and eyed the bathtub.


I turned on the water.


While it was filling up, I grabbed the dress Maria laid out for me. I took a bath for about half an hour and then got dressed.


Then, I picked my hair. If I had only my tiara, I would look like normal.


I peeked around the corner and saw Maria and another woman arguing.


“If they were the King’s children, why did you help them? Their family has certainly caused us enough trouble with all those taxes,” the other woman complained.


“But Helen, it’s not their fault. They’re only children,” Maria fought back.


“Hello!” I exclaimed as I walked into the room.

“Hello, My Lady. I’m Helen, Maria’s sister,” Helen replied like the past conversation suddenly meant nothing to her.

“I’m glad to report Princess Annika is alright, and is resting in her room as we speak,” Maria piped in.

Well, that’s it!


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