Operation: Escape, Part 2

I’m using picmonkey for my photos, to give them a cool effect. Like snow XD. I wish.

~Told by Lexi~



“Why are you packing a dress at a time like this?!” my sister, Annika, cried.

“To keep our food warm. It’s snowing,” I replied.

“Oh. Smart thinking,” she said.


We went through a secret door, down a long passageway to the stables.


I am Princess Alexis, or Lexi, as my sister calls me.


This is my twin sister, Annika. She thinks we’re half identical, but we’re not. Ever since our parents, the King and Queen, raised taxes, people threatened to revolt. And now they have, by raiding the palace – and my sister and I need to escape.


“Hey there, girl,” Annika said.

“Why are you choosing Diamond? She’s only a foal,” I wondered.

“She is the only one they have not taken,” replied Annika. “Pack our food in a saddle bag. I’ll get some treats for Diamond.”


I began to pack our food in the rather large saddle bag.


Then, we were off to the mountains.


“Where exactly are we going?” I asked.

“To our cousins in Calashonia, if we can,” Annika said bravely.

“But that’s so far away! Out of the country, in fact,” I panicked.

“That’s why it’s the safest place,” Annika replied.


After a couple hours, we stopped to take a break for breakfast.


And the next thing I knew, Annika had passed out.


I shall keep you all in suspense forever! JK! Soon.


P.S. The snow is fake. ;(

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    1. That’s cool! I wondered what AJ stands for. I am using that name in my book actually. XD

      LET IT SNOW! A quote from my Sunday School teacher, “if there’s no snow, then summer, please.” It is FREEZING here, but there may be snow tomorrow- then i won’t need the effect.

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