Operation: Escape, Part 4

🙂 It’s here 🙂


At dinner, I was silent, so Maria was silent, and so Helen was silent. I made an excuse to leave dinner so I could see Annika.


After about five minutes, I came back. “Oh, Maria, where is Annika’s-” I said and stopped. I saw Helen on the phone.

“Yes. Yes. Yup. They’re here. Yes, Alexis and Annika. I don’t think so. Around tomorrow afternoon? Okay. No, they won’t find out. Maria? Oh, she too starry eyed to realize anything. Goodbye,” Helen said over the phone.


I ran back to my room, and in front of a very colorful, large painting was Annika!

“Lexi!” She cried. “So there you are!”

“What happened to your leg?” I asked.

“The bullet hit my bone causing it to break. Sounds painful, but I was asleep. I got crutches too, but I like the wheelchair better,” she said.

“Annika, come into my room down the hall. I need to talk to you. About Helen,” I said.

“Who?” she asked.

“I’ll tell you more later. But now, we need to plan another escape.”

Dun dun dun! Oh, and I made a poster!


See ya soon (on the virtual world)!


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