Writing Prompt #9

Happy Camp! How are your projects going? I ask as I type this post up March 23. I have a fun writing prompt for you! If your project is writing short stories, your novel needs a twist, or you’re not doing NaNo and need something to do while everyone else is gone from the blogging world, this is for you! (Shout out to my marathoning cabin mates!)

So, now, I have some challenges for you!

Challenge #1: Write three short stories, one with the prompt as the start of the story, one with the prompt as the middle, and one with the prompt as/near the ending.

Challenge #2: All three of these events happened at an epic slumber party. 

Challenge #3: For all of you writing novels, list the three worst things that a main/side character could do within the next couple chapters. Tweak the first character’s dialogue in the prompt to replace the bombs, tweeting, and secrets with those events so you can make every. single. one. of them happen.

After that, comment and tell me how it goes! You have no idea how much I love reading your stories. (Hopefully this all made sense.)

Camp NaNoWriMo Recap // Week One

Welcome to my first Camp NaNoWriMo recap, where I share the story of how I accidentally on purpose got 50k in seven days. Mind anything weird in this post, I am in the writing process which has made me a tad insane.

Mind the weird math in some of this, I haven’t been keeping exact track like I probably should be, but thankfully Camp NaNoWriMo keeps all the most important stuff handy for me.

Day One

Wordcount for the Day: 10,003

Total Wordcount: 10,003

Today was a great start! Working on two novels has actually made my writing process so much easier. What I’ve been doing is writing 500 words on each novel, then switching back and forth. It’s been less draining, surprisingly, since I haven’t had to work on the same novel the whole time.

Day Two

Word Count for the Day: 8000

Total Word Count: 18,003

I’d hoped to get 10k again, but I still got a pretty good word count. I think these books are going to end up being longer than 50,000 words. Tomorrow, we have off school, so hopefully my word count can spike up. I like staying ahead while I can.

Day Three

Word Count For the Day: 4057

Total Word Count: 22,060

I didn’t get as many words as I hoped after the previous days, but 4k is still pretty good (I couldn’t expect 8k days forever, now could I?) . Tomorrow, I have school for the first time in Camp, but it shouldn’t matter too much. I did spend a good portion of my nighttime writing on other super secret plans with a super secret person (Who is probably reading this right now…), and we have some fun stuff coming for our blogs!

Day Four

Word Count for the Day: 4941

Total Word Count: 27001

The perfectionist in me wishes I’d written just 59 more words.  Today was good! I did start worrying about plot, however, it should all be fine for at least two weeks. (If it takes that long…) I think Fantasy Gossip is going to be around 60k but Halfway to Fourteen may be at least 70k, and I’ll probably still be writing in the beginning May.

 Day Five

Word Count for the Day: 4549

Total Word Count: 31,550

We were on a road trip most of the day, so I got a thousand or two words while driving, and the rest after we got back. I hit 30k today, though! Most of Thursday will be busy, so it’s a good thing that I’m ahead.

Day Six

Word Count for the Day: 8450

Total Word Count: 40,000

I hit 40k today! Yay! Cheers! Even though I had a lot of math and drove a lot, today was a pretty good writing day. And… going to bed after midnight again… oh well. I’ll survive (but not if my keys keep getting stuck. Right now it’s the l). Also, the plot for Fantasy Gossip decided to turn itself inside out. :/

Day Seven

Word Count for the Day: 10,000

Total Word Count: 50,000

Two minutes before midnight I hit 25k on Fantasy Gossip and Halfway to Fourteen, adding up to 50,000 words. Even though I was busy most of the day, with hard work and prayer, I made it to 50k. I’ve come so far since last year, I can’t believe it. We’re driving again tomorrow, so I’ll either have a lot more time or a lot less time.

I’m really happy with this week–I surprised myself. I’m pretty sure everyone in my cabin is tired of me, but oh well XD. I’m off to catch up on sleep.

How is Camp NaNo going for you? Are you ahead, behind, or right on track? Also, if you’d like, share what your novel is about! Or are you editing, or writing poetry, or even a screenplay? (Hint: screenplay is going to be the best answer you can give.)


March Recap // April Goals

Oh, look, slashes. I’m so fancy. Slashes // and brackets {}. 

Welcome to my blog! If this is your first time visiting my blog, hello! March came and went pretty quickly, and I have revised my goals format again. This is a day late, because I was not ready to edit blog posts yesterday, but bear with me.

These posts kinda got long, so I’m just going to go over March, not unlike a bunch of other bloggers with more aesthetic blogs.

March (an overview):

5 books read. Went through a reading slump. Wrote and mostly edited Espionage with Heidi. Posted 10 blog posts. Favorite was this. Accomplished most of the monthly goals. Having a hard time with theater monologue length. Got stomach bug. Felt sickly a lot. Participated in 1st blog tour.  Finished planning two novels. Started some secret blog stuff.

Ta-da! Aesthetic-y. Now, onto my April Goals:

April Goals:

♥Finish Fantasy Gossip and Halfway to Fourteen for Camp NaNoWriMo.

 ♥ Work on final edits and formatting for Espionage.

♥ Eat healthier so I don’t feel sick as often.

♥ Exercise regularly.

♥ Practice monologue and enter the competition with confidence.

♥ Work on self-doubt.

♥ Continue to work for quality over quantity on blog posts.

♥ Make the most out of my free time and make sure I don’t get overwhelmed when I’m busy.

♥ Practice songs that I’m working on in singing lessons

So, I made my list shorter and compacted it into more definite things that I’m more likely to do/need to do. Yay? Yay!

3 Things I’m Going to do Differently for (Camp) NaNoWriMo

One of the reasons I love NaNoWriMo is because it not only challenges you, but it teaches you–that is, if you let it. So, this year, I took a step back to see what I’ve learned.

You see, I really love the novels I’m planning. I want to enjoy writing them in all the drafts, not just the first ones. In my attempt at editing my last NaNoWriMo novel, it was a pain. Everyone said it was simple: macro edit, micro edit, beta readers, done. Mine was simply falling apart and not enjoyable. It wasn’t what it was.

Me being me, I also decided to find out what went wrong and how I could improve. Using that, here is what I am going to do differently this April.

1. Know When to Take Breaks

December 1, I was tired. I’d almost hit my OA goal the night before, then had to go to bed. My novel still had a lot of story left in it. So, I took a few days off. I was not only drained physically, but I was drained of creativity. Forcing yourself to write may be a NaNo essential, but save yourself and know when to take some time off. (I talk more about this here)

2. Run Spellcheck 

What? You mean… editing? Lowering my word count?*clouds turn gray, children scream, stereotype breaks* No, I do not. I mean, when I go back to my novel, I’m going to see “say” instead of “sai”, “that” instead of “dat”, etc, which is going to make it much easier on me. When I am done writing for the day (or if I’m writing a lot, done a chapter), I will run basic spell check so my novel appears easier to edit. It’s a psychological thing. It won’t even take time out of my writing.

3.When in Doubt, Write it Out

No, I did not steal this rhyme from when I played soccer. You may have heard of the whole “write what you love in a novel”. Well, when I’m in writer’s block, I want to write a scene that’s not plot relevant, but it’s just something nice and pretty and flowy that I’m going to enjoy. I recommend this to anyone. Write something merely for your pleasure that you will look back and smile at. (Now, I realize for some of us this may be stabbing characters…please refrain.)

So, that’s what I’m doing differently this April! If you’ve ever participated in NaNo, or ever written a novel, what are you going to do differently next time? What have you learned?

How to Create a Playlist for Your Novel

Okay, so apparently I actually get busy and use my free time to do school/procrastinate school, and sometimes blog posts get bumped down the priority list. So, sometimes I don’t post for five days or five weeks (well, not typically five weeks, but still). Also, expect a post tomorrow too (because I already scheduled it….)

Novel Playlists! *runs around the room screaming* I love them. They’re a combination of music and writing, why wouldn’t I? For those of you who have never had the joy of having a novel playlist while writing, here is a brief description.
A novel playlist/soundtrack is a collection of songs and pieces that remind you of your novel and inspire you to write. Here is my process to find the perfect songs for your novel.

Step One: Open Your Spotify/YouTube/Apple Music

Unless you own a ton of music, do it on a platform where you can add music without having to buy it. Create a playlist with the title of your novel, or if you don’t have one, something like”NaNoWriMo 2017″ or “Summer WIP”.

Step Two: Know What You’re Looking For

What kinds of things inspire you? Would you prefer songs that match the mood and theme, or songs that describe your characters, plot, and events? I usually choose a blend of these things. A lot of people like soundtrack music as a background while they’re writing, but I prefer lyric music. Basically, know what you prefer.

Step Three: Choose Your Music

Knowing what you want, go through your music and if you need to, look for new songs, and at them to your playlist. I usually like about 20-30ish songs, but as time passes I typically find you want to take some songs out or add other ones in.


See? That wasn’t so hard! Okay, maybe it can be a little more intense than that, but I hope this helps you get the gist of creating novel playlists. I also have song recommendations if anyone needs them (I know some good songs, sorta XD).

Do you use novel playlists? If so, what kinds of songs do you use?