Poor Saige…..

So yeah… Saige is so, so, so pretty. I don’t regret buying her. AG said she had straight hair, but when you take it out her hair is curly. I used my friend’s pick for a while (we have a tendency to leave or loose something at each other’s houses).  Then, I used the regular brush. Her hair started to loose curl, so I just fixed it. Then, to make matters worse, I didn’t brush her hair for at least half a year. Saige’s hair is like a humans; it gets knots even when you don’t play with her. This is what it looked like:



Then I brushed it all out. It got fixed,  but not for long. Now, I brush her hair for 15 minutes and it is not making any progress. I am going to fix it up!


P.S. I need one more comment for Voyages D’été a few posts down.

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