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Weird title, I know. But I will do the crazy things on my mind. I have not been inspired lately. I have to work on my speech for my public speaking competition, reading, and writing my book.

Ahem. Yes.Β  So, comme ce va, mon lecteurs?

And you didn’t understand that xD.

Anyway, onto some interesting stuffs.

Starting a Blog 101 will start April 6, and the Writing Challenge July 5. Yup, I chose the dates. But yeah, the Starting a Blog 101 will be every Wednesday (as I found Mondays to be too hard to remember) and Writing Challenge either every week, three days, four days, or five days. It really depends. I set up a Reading and Writing Survey on the polls page earlier so hopefully by the time it starts enough people will have shared so that I’ll know what works for everyone.

Speaking of Writing Challenges…Β Misty at mistycreativewriting.wordpress.com is holding one! If you haven’t, you should totally request access to her blog, Misty is an amazing writer.

Expect more posts soon!


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  1. I hope you get inspired again soon!

    I’m super excited for Blogging 101 and your writing challenge!

    I took your new polls. You did a great job on them! πŸ™‚


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