Roanoke, Part 2

Hi all! Here’s part one.

New Characters:

Caroline as Amelia (Mia)

Saige as Spring

~Told in Spring’s point of view~


“Wake up, sweetie,” my Mom, Roxanne, said.


“Oh, hi Mom,” I said.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Mom, I’ve been wondering- why do I always have to stay in the house boundaries?”  I asked.

“Because it’s dangerous for you. I couldn’t forgive myself,” Mom said.


I’m Spring. My mom, Roxanne, adopted me when I was two. Ever since then, I was only allowed to stay in our property.


I looked outside at the other girls walking to school. I wasn’t going to wait any longer. After school, I was going out of the house.

~Told in Eve’s point of view~


My friend Amelia, or Mia, and I stepped out of school and headed towards home.


“Oh Mia,” I said. ” Why did everything bad have to happen? I mean, I don’t even have powers like my parents. I was just a mistake.”


“God has big plans for you, Eve. It just takes a while sometimes to find what He wants you to do,” Mia said.

“I guess,” I sighed.

“Here’s my house. See ya tomorrow!” Mia said.

~Told in Spring’s point of view~


I got outside in my nature outfit and saw a girl. I started to follow her.


Then, her ribbon started to untie.


It fell, then started flying in the air.


“Hey, your hair ribbon is flying around. Do you have powers or something?” I asked.


“I, I don’t know,” she stammered. “Who are you? What are you wearing?”


“What are you wearing? I’m Spring and-” I said before being interrupted.

“Oh, no! You have to go back home or your mom will kill me!” she interrupted.


“Actually,  I don’t know much about my mom. Will you tell me?” I asked.

She did. Her name is Eve. She told me the whole story- which Eve probably already told you- and I told her mine. We agreed to meet back that night.


That night, we went back to the path we were on when we met, and Eve experimented with her powers.

Well, it was long, but the next part is short :).


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