Roanoke, Season 2: EverAfter, Part 1

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Told by Eve (again:) ).

McKenna as Eve

Saige as Spring

Lily as Mrs. Avery

Isabelle as Casey

How did I get into this mess?

Spring’s in a deep sleep. Sleeping Beauty’s wide awake. Mia and I are trapped in the story book with Cinderella who is now dis-invited to the ball. And the worst part is, if I don’t get the Wicked Witch of the West’s broom, I’ll never get home, Spring will never wake up, and the fairy tales will never get back to normal.

Three days earlier…


“Thanks again, Evelyn. I don’t know who would watch little Casey if you and Spring didn’t volunteer,” Mrs. Avery said.

“No problem,” I replied. “We have nothing better to do. And we both know how much Casey loves the tricks I can do with my powers.”


Casey tugged on my dress. “Come on, I wanna go see Spring.”

“Bye, Sweetie,” Mrs. Avery said as she left. I used my powers to carry Casey’s suitcase to her room.


“Come on, Spring and I have prepared Sleeping Beauty for you in the back yard,” I said. We went into the backyard and I winked at Spring and started narrating.


“Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. One fateful day, she decided to take a walk in the forest.”


“She tripped on a stick and fell right under the thorny bushes.”


“The squirrels and forest animals carried her to a makeshift bed,” I used my magic to float Spring to a bed. “One day, the prince saw Sleeping Beauty. He  instantly fell in love with her, and kissed her. Then, she woke up and lived happily ever after with her prince. The End.”


I shook Spring. “I said, she woke up and lived happily ever after. Spring!” I shook and shook, but she wouldn’t wake up. That’s when I noticed the dust around the bush. I gasped.

“Oh, I love story twists!” Casey said.


“No, Casey. This isn’t in the story.”

Okay, not the best telling of Sleeping Beauty. But, hey, it was 16 degrees out when I took the photos! Look out for the next part soon.


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