School Again, School Again

Hi ya’ll. Kaitlyn here. Yesterday was our first day of school.


Sunday evening, I realized that day was the last day of summer! (I know it looks like the after noon but it is Monday evening but let’s just pretend I took it on Sunday.)


This is Natalie, McKenna, Lily and I in our ‘study hall’. Natalie teaches us science, history, and math. (Sorry I didn’t get the book cover!) Next year, I will be old enough to be a teacher.


This is Felicity and Saige during reading time.

We were reading Molly.


Lily at recess.


She was a little late for her next class.


McKenna in Home Arts.

School was a little boring, but I’ll get used to it. Plus Mom goes to work everyday.

A.KA. seventh grade.

This is Kaitlyn signing out.




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