Summer Bucket List 2016

Hey, guys! Everyone’s been posting a bucket list lately, and I thought it would be fun to show you guys some of mine.

Summer Bucket List:


1. Take 1,000 Photos 

I’ve really been into photography lately, and I’m already about 100 photos in. I also want to try to get a nice camera.

Bucket list, before i die ♥:


2. Have a Nerf War

Because why not?

3. Go Tubing 

The summer camp I’m going to has tubing, and I’m super excited!



4. Give Someone a Makeover

Check! I did this with my friend Amy (my older readers may remember her from this post). We also did the not-my-hands challenge, which you can watch here. 



5. Make a Time Capsule

My brothers and I are going to do this at the end of summer. We’re also vlogging a bunch of stuff to put on a CD, which I think will be really cool.



6. Go an Entire Day Without Using any Technology 

Scary, right?

I'm thinking Harry Potter and Voldermort, hoping for "The Chosen One" and "He Who Shall Not Be Named":


7. Use Fake Names at Starbucks Together

This sounds super cool. I just have to make sure it’s busy so they ask for names.

Another one.:


8. Write a Book

I started my book for the 100 for 100 @goteenwriters and I plan to finish it! I’m already at about 40k words.

RELATIONSHIP BUCKET LIST: Having a silly string fight with the man I love. - Date Completed::


9. Have a Silly String Fight

I had a one-sided silly string fight once. I was in a play. It was fun to try to shoot everyone, especially the people behind the umbrella.

A really good one:


10. Write a Song

I’m a writer, yet songs are still the hardest things to write. They have to rhyme, be catchy, have meaning…

So that is some of my summer bucket list! I’m really excited for this summer. It’s my last one before high school (ah!), so I want to make it special. I also want to post on my YouTube channel more. It’s a lot of work to make and edit videos, but I have time now.


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  1. Awesome bucket list! They all sound really fun, especially writing a book and silly string fighting.;D

  2. That’s a great list! 😀 If you’re looking into getting a new camera, you should check out the Nikon D300. 🙂

    -Clara <3

  3. Awesome! I just got back from 8 days of no electronics (computers, wifi, TV, iPod, etc.) it was great! I really reccomend it. I did it on a missions trip so it was easier then just doing it while I was at home.

    1. That’s so cool! Where did you go on a missions trip? (It’s perfectly fine if you can’t tell me, though.)

  4. I’m really into photography right now also! 🙂
    NERF FIGHT!!! My brothers and I do this ALL THE TIME! Our house is divided so evenly, we divide up into teams and try to capture each others flag without getting shot. There’s a ton of rules, but it’s super fun, and maybe a bit loud. XD

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