Life Updates // Unannounced Hiatus, Future Plans, and More


I haven’t posted since May 14.

I’ve promised a lot of things, and not followed through on them. I say that I’ll do something and I won’t.  I don’t read and comment on your posts as often — don’t get me wrong, I still love them just as much as I always have.  I’ve been mainly absent.

So, I owe an explanation.

A lot of things have been happening. I’m in what I call a creative drought, for one that I can share. I haven’t written anything with passion in a really long time. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes, and my creativity is drained. I still love writing — I just don’t love my writing.  Same goes for acting, reading, photography, music…

A lot of things.

There’s been a lot of stress going on too, so in order to lift some of that, I subconsciously cut off a lot of things that I’ve been doing online. Last week I went to summer camp, where you’re not allowed to have technology, and I realized how freeing it was.

Online privileges became a chore to me instead of something fun to do in my spare time. So, I’m going to completely renovate my blog. I’m ready to start over.

Hopefully, I’ll be more interactive and I’ll post more and everything that I hope to be doing.

The future will hold many things. Things are going to change.

But that’s good.

February Goals 2017

February Goals 2017

So it turns out I am very behind on posting goals. I’m pretty sure my only goal for November was NaNoWriMo, and I must have forgotten by December, then I posted my resolutions in January. So, the last time I posted my goals was in October. Here’s what happened to those:

Finish Crossing Galaxies


Decide on my NaNo Novel


Finish with Plot {For Said Novel}


I actually accomplished all my goals…. huh. This is so new. You can check out the original post here. Anyway, I’m going to be posting about all of my goals this time. It seems more motivational.

Writing Goals

♥Begin plotting out Halfway to Fourteen

♥Begin developing other Camp NaNo Novel (What? More on this in a future post)

♥Finish reading through Mission: Prodigy, and for bonus points, start on draft two

♥Finish Dragon’s Fire

♥Work on the collab novel with Heidi

Blogging Goals

♥Post all the random drafts I have (thanks to Kellyn for inspiring me to create a schedule for my drafts and series. It is a very happy feeling.)

♥Brainstorm a new writing series

♥Work on my Bloglovin page

♥Go for quality over quantity


♥Continue to attempt to practice my instruments more often

♥Learn my new ukulele! (I played my cousin’s uke for a bit a couple summers ago, but I finally ordered my own)

♥Be involved in the activities at the new acting workshop I’m going to

♥Make fair projects

♥Work on writing the play for my school project


♥Get in the habit of using my bullet journal

♥Take more pictures

♥Print out more pictures

♥Bake a new recipe

♥Read more books

♥Do at least one thing on the bucket list I made with my friend

♥Read my Bible every day

♥Survive the greeting card class that I’m teaching

If you made a goals post this month, I would love to read it! Or, if you don’t have a blog, comment some of your main goals. We’ll all hold each other accountable. 

Summer Writing Goals Recap + New, Effective Goals

At the beginning of summer, I shared my goals for the summer. This is how they turned out.
books reading best-seller covers writers novels literature bookmark bookling inspiration motivation book cover:


Edit Royale

I did this! I finished the second draft on Saturday.  (I just now realized I said ‘first’ instead of ‘second’ and I was like “that explains the comments on my first my first draft…”)

Finish my WIP (and come up with a title for it)

I wrote like three chapters, and I absolutely hated it. I knew this wasn’t the novel I wanted to write.

Blog More Often 

I’d like to say I sort of did this. When I made these goals, I didn’t know how busy and stressed I was this summer.

Finish the 100 for 100

I did not finish. With camps and finding time to write, I got out on week 4. However, I did get out on 60k words, mostly for my novel (which I seem to have edited down to 35k?).

Grow as a Writer

For sure. I wrote a novel in three weeks and and actually finished and edited. I’d say that’s improvement. My past novels I didn’t finish, and the one I did finish took me three months to write.

I’m changing my goals. I make them smaller and plan for what I know I have time for. I use Wunderlist, and whenever you complete something on your list, there’s a cheery little ding. I like that ding, and when I hear it I feel accomplished. So, when I’m working, I think of that to pull me through, weird as it sounds.

Every week, I’m going to write down my goals for each day, however I have some overall goals.

My September Goals:

Micro Edit my Synopsis 

Read and Make Notes on my Novel 

Get to Draft Three on my Novel 

Blog Once a Week 

Hayley @ Flourishing by Restful Falls is doing a blogging series, and one of the posts was to stop worrying about not posting and try only going for one post a week so you’re putting your best work into it.