Life Updates // Unannounced Hiatus, Future Plans, and More


I haven’t posted since May 14.

I’ve promised a lot of things, and not followed through on them. I say that I’ll do something and I won’t.  I don’t read and comment on your posts as often — don’t get me wrong, I still love them just as much as I always have.  I’ve been mainly absent.

So, I owe an explanation.

A lot of things have been happening. I’m in what I call a creative drought, for one that I can share. I haven’t written anything with passion in a really long time. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes, and my creativity is drained. I still love writing — I just don’t love my writing.  Same goes for acting, reading, photography, music…

A lot of things.

There’s been a lot of stress going on too, so in order to lift some of that, I subconsciously cut off a lot of things that I’ve been doing online. Last week I went to summer camp, where you’re not allowed to have technology, and I realized how freeing it was.

Online privileges became a chore to me instead of something fun to do in my spare time. So, I’m going to completely renovate my blog. I’m ready to start over.

Hopefully, I’ll be more interactive and I’ll post more and everything that I hope to be doing.

The future will hold many things. Things are going to change.

But that’s good.