The Long-Awaited Winner of the Valentine’s Day Story Contest!

Yes, my friends, it is finally here.

Before I announce the winner, I would like to say that I loved all of you stories and you all did a great job. But I don’t have enough money to give a $10 gift card to all of you. It was very close, but because of her creativity and originality, I announce the winner is…

He he… the suspense I’m keeping you all in.

Cute Polar Bear!

Here is her story:

Oh, hi! I didn’t you notice you there. I guess I’d better tell you my story, or you won’t know it otherwise. My name is Gabriella, Gabby for short. I’m a MyAG at the American Girl Store. I live here; I’m part of a display. But I have so many adventures, more than you’d ever believe!
One day, I guess it would be February 11, I heard a customer talking about a present for “Valentine’s Day.” As soon as I got the chance, I asked my “display mate,” Josie, what Valentine’s day was.
“It’s a holiday on February 14th,” Josie hissed. “It’s kind of about love and hearts and red and pink.” Josie was about to say more, but a person walked by us and she fell silent.
It was a well-known rule that no human was allowed to know that dolls could move or speak on their own. Break that rule, and well, you would not be able to move or speak own your own. It was called Permanent Doll State. The punishment was so severe that even the most headstrong dolls heeded the rule.
Anyway, back to the store. That night, when the store was closed, I resumed my conversation with Josie.
“So what do you do on ‘Valentine’s Day’?” I asked.
“Well, people give cards and flowers and candy to people they love,” Josie explained. “But I don’t know why people would buy something in this store.”
“Maybe some people give doll things instead of candy or something,” I suggested.
Josie shrugged and began fixing their display; a lot of little girls had played with it and messed it up that day. I helped, and soon the display was perfect again so we could explore the store.
“Don’t you feel bad for the dolls in the glass cages?” I asked as we jumped from our display and passed one of the “glass cages.”
“Yeah, but we can’t do anything about it,” Josie replied.
As we passed one particular glass case, we heard a doll say, “Can you help us get out in any way?” her voice penetrated the glass easily.
“We can try,” I called back, “But we’ll have to use some of these boxes as stair-steps.”
“Thanks,” she called back. “I’m Robin, and this is Sarah.”
I had not realized that there was another doll in the case, because Robin was the only one who had been talking. But we hurriedly built the stair-steps and climbed until the steps were high enough to examine the case. Robin, a dark-skinned girl with short curly hair, wore a green shirt and dark blue pants. Sarah, an Asian girl with short hair, looked very pretty and wore a flower sweater and a short skirt with lots of little flowers.
“Have you looked for something like a secret door, or something?” Josie asked.
“Well, we tried, but it’s too dark in here,” Robin replied.
A couple minutes later, the store flooded with light. I almost fell off of our platform, because I was blinded and startled. I started to descend our stair-steps, fearing that a store worker had come at midnight, but Josie reassured me.
“Those Julies,” she laughed, “they like to drive in their cars and find the light switches!”
“That’s good,” I replied, climbing the stairs again. “But that seems like a really strange adventure.”
Robin laughed, and then resumed their search for a lock or door.
“Hey, there’s a knob or something down here on the outside, but I can’t move it,” I cried excitedly.
All three dolls, inside and out, rushed over to my discovery. “I’m sure it can move,” Josie said. “Maybe if we pull together it’ll turn.
“You should adjust the stair-steps so you don’t fall,” Robin advised.
“Good idea, although it’ll take longer.”
“Maybe we can just push it, like this.”
“Hey, this is easier than- Ahhh!” The unstable boxes toppled onto us as they fell. Robin apparently thought that was funny; she tripped on the violin case in their display and almost fell on it.
“It’s not funny,” I laughed, pulling myself out of the rubble, “Now we have to build the steps again.”
“Sorry, I’d help if I could,” Sarah’s quiet voice startled us.
“That’s okay, we came here to help you, not you help us,” Josie said.
When the steps were rebuilt, we tried to turn the knob.
“I- think it’s- moving!”I tried not to lose my grip as the knob slowly turned, getting looser the more we turned it.
“There! It opens like a door- kind of.” Josie’s joy turned to confusion as the door jiggled, but wasn’t opened. “Why can’t it open? Is there another knob somewhere?” she asked, confused.
“Yeah, there must be… Oh, up there at the top of the glass,” I pointed upward.
“How are you supposed to reach that?” Robin asked the obvious question.
“I guess we’ll have to use more boxes,” I said, trying to cheer everyone again. “Come on, Robin, help me build more stair-steps.”
“There we go, that’s good enough,” I declared as the stair-steps wobbled.
“I don’t want to fall,” Josie said uneasily as she stared at the moving boxes under her.
“You won’t,” I said encouragingly. “Now let’s turn this knob.”
The second knob was harder to turn than the first, because of our position. But we finally opened the door. “Yay!” Robin cried. “Thank you so much for letting us out. It was really boring in there.”
“You’re still in there,” Josie chuckled.
“Well, get those boxes moved out of the way, and we’ll open the door,” Robin replied.
When Robin and Sarah finally left the glass cage, we had a fun time swapping tales. We shared our funniest moment, and they shared theirs. We laughed a lot and became really good friends.
As it was getting late (or early) I noticed another glass case. It contained a table and two chairs, along with some birthday accessories. Of course, it had two dolls in there too. That’s when I started thinking about Valentine’s Day.
When we had led Sarah and Robin back to their display, and closed their door and put away all the boxes, and returned to our own display, I told Josie my idea. “I thought we could “rent” those dolls’ display for the night and host a Valentine’s party,” I explained. “It would demonstrate our friendship, and we could share our secret for opening glass cages.”
“Cool idea,” Josie replied. “Shall it be a secret from Robin and Sarah?”
“Yeah. I’ll go over and ask if we can use their display the night of February 14th.” I paused. “But what about those dolls? I don’t exactly want them to attend the party, no offense.”
“We would trade displays for the night,” Josie explained.
And with a little more planning, it was decided. I was so excited, but the next day was the 12th; two more days of waiting.
The night of the 12th, I went to the display to ask the dolls if I could use their display.
“What are you doing?” the same kind of doll as Robin asked me from inside the case.
“Hi, my name is Gabby,” I started. “Last night, did you see us open that case over there?”
“Yes,” a pleasanter voice responded. “We wondered how you did it. My name is Mandie, and my less than happy display mate is Vicki.” Mandie giggled.
“Well, these knobs turn and open this glass,” I replied. “I can try, but I don’t know if I can open it by myself.”
“Can we help?” Mandie wondered.
“No, I don’t think so,” I replied. “I believe you can only do something from the outside.” I tugged at the knob, and it slowly turned. “There!” I finally loosened the knob enough to easily turn it.
“Yes!” Vicki rushed over to me and pushed against the glass. “Hey! Why can’t I get out?” she said, frustrated.
“Because,” I explained patiently, “There’s a knob up there that I also have to turn.” I added, “I
may need some help for that one.” I asked a doll in a blue dress to help me turn the knob. She was very kind and readily agreed.
“And… There! Now you’re free.” I quickly jumped down and put away the boxes that had helped us open the glass. “Thank you…”
“Liana,” said the doll. “And you’re welcome.”
“Thank you, Gabby!” exclaimed Mandie. “But was there a special reason you wanted to liberate us?”
“Yes,” I replied slowly. “You see, I wanted to host a Valentine’s party. I thought that your display would be perfect. I thought that, on February 14th, we could rent your display for the night, and you could have ours. It’s the horse scene.”
“That’s a great idea!” Mandie said. “I love horses, even though I can’t quite ride one in this dress. And I know Vicki also likes horses.”
“So… You agree?” I said.
“Yes!” Mandie and Vicki chorused. “It’s the least we can do for opening our display.”
“Thanks a lot!” I chatted with the dolls for the rest of the night, also planning for the party some.
The next day, I stayed at my display, putting the finishing touches on my party plan.
Finally, February 14th came. I was so excited, and convinced Josie to lead Robin and Sarah to the party place.
“So this is why you’ve been avoiding us!” Robin exclaimed as she saw the Valentine’s Day decorations.
“Oh… Yeah.” In an instant, I realized that I had been so busy getting ready for the party, I hadn’t been thinking at all about the reason for the party. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to neglect you, I was just focused on how good the party was going to be,” I confessed.
“That’s okay,” Sarah replied softly. “We know you were trying to get ready for the party.” Sarah then took Josie’s and my hand, and motioned for Robin to take Josie’s and my hand. “You know, it’s kind of a cliché thing to say on Valentine’s Day, but I love you all.”
“I love you, too!” we all chorused. Then we talked and laughed until a worker came to the store and we had to hurry to get Robin and Sarah to get into their glass case. But that’s a different story. For now, Goodbye!

Congratulations! You will receive your gift card in the next few days via email.  I suggest for all of you that haven’t already, post your story on your blog (or your sister’s blog!).


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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 🙂 I am soo excited!! 🙂 These are the kind of stories I like to write. 🙂 Thank you so much again! 🙂


  2. Well…I didn’t win. But that’s totally fine! I had a blast writing my story, and although the gift card would have helped me with my doll I’m saving for, CutePolarBear deserves it and her story was amazing! Congrats to the winner! 🙂

    ~Lydia~ <3

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