The Real Giveaway

Hi! So I bet you’re wondering what I’m giving away. BUT I won’t tell you yet.  Also, sorry if I caused confusion with the last post.

People, this is not an ordinary giveaway. With some help from my parents, I have come up with a:

Valentines Day Short Story Giveaway!

It’s basically a contest. Here are the rules:

1. Write a short story on the computer consisting of at least 300 words, not including the title.

2. Your story must take place on or around Valentines Day.

3. NO ruining your story by making it about boyfriends  and girlfriends or anything like that. A small crush is fine, but making it the main part of the story is not.

4. Email it to me at: and put Josie’s Story Giveaway in the subject line so I know it’s not really spam (I have a special email that will only let registered friends send you email so yours will be in the spam folder.)

5. Make sure to mention your name and email address I can reach you by at the end of your story.  Also, tell me if you don’t want the prize and what store you would like it for instead.

6. The winner will be chosen based on who has the highest grade on their stories.

The prize is….

A $10 AG eGiftCard!

To get extra credit points:

3 extra points for any posting about this contest/giveaway on your blog, Facebook, twitter, pintrest, etc. Make sure to leave a link.

5 extra points for following  my blog (you MUST confirm to get the points).   I only have follow by email. I am not old enough for Facebook or anything. If you are already a follower, just say so.

Again, send it to



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  1. When does the contest end? I like the idea, (and I like writing) but I don’t really want to write about Valentine’s Day near Christmas. 😛


    1. Stop bugging Josie. The post clearly stated it was a poll for what to buy for a prize. It wasn’t a fake. You just got confused. And it was very kind of Josie to host this giveaway. Cool giveaway Josie!

  2. Anna and Gracie girl: I am sorry if the last post was confusing. It was to see what to give away for the real giveaway. I had no intention of that being the giveaway, or trying to make people think it is. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. I’m sorry . I was not trying to be mean. I was just excited to see who won the prize. I still did not see anywhere where it said it was a fake contest. Anyway Josie, I love what you are doing for the next contest! I don’t know if I will write one though. I have no good ideas. When is the deadline for the stories?

  4. Cool header Josie. I don’t know if it’s my screen, but it’s a little blurry. Just thought you’d like to know. 🙂 it’s a neat design!

    1. I think so too, but I have to choose a new header. It’s blurry on my screen too. So yeah, you might see a different one for the next ten minutes.

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  6. Josie, you said to email the story. What kind of word ducument do you want it in? Is it Open Office Writer? Thanks! 🙂 I wrote my story and I am excited! 🙂


    1. It doesn’t matter. But just in case, send it in a file and copy and paste it into the email. I look forward to reading your story!

  7. Okay, I have another question: do you want the story single-spaced, 1.5 spacing, or double-spaced? If it doesn’t matter, I’ll make it 1.5 spacing. Thanks!


    1. Try making another story, or changing a story you already have. Or, if you already started to post it, check your drafts. I’ll give you a little extra time. Will Sunday night work? I hope you can still enter!

  8. *my* And, I changed the story a little bit so it’s only seven pages now. It doesn’t have a title . . . I’m really bad at coming up with titles. But short stories don’t exactly need titles, so, yeah.

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