TIWC Challenge Five {The Night it Happened}

Part One {Memories}

Part Two {A Peek Into the Past}

Part Three {When Everything Fades}

A Year and Four Months Earlier

Kendall tapped her pencil on the notebook paper of the script she was supposed to be writing for drama class. She only had one sentence: “They say I was a traitor.

Her mom came down the stairs in her beautiful, old fashioned dress. She was part of a school program that taught younger kids about how America was created. Funny how her mother was an actress yet Kendall couldn’t even create a story.

“Your dad and I will be back in a couple hours. Finish your homework,” she said.

Kendall shrugged. “I’ll try. Bye, love you.”

“Love you too.”

The door slammed, and Kendall went out into the backyard. She sat down by the lake, trying to dissolve into her story.

She thought she could have seen a pirate ship in the distance, but it might have just been her imagination.

Kendall smiled, suddenly gaining ideas for the rest of her story.

“They say I am a traitor, maybe I am. All I know is I did what I had to do.” She wrote the words down as she said them, a story flying by in her head.

 Her thoughts were blocked by the sound of ambulance sirens coming from across town.

Kendall grabbed her bag and ran to see what was going on. When big things happened in a small town, everyone knew what was going on. It was the way it was.

There were two cars. One silver, one red. The silver one seemed strangely familiar.


A million thoughts raced through her mind. The girl who was driving the red car was crying.

Kendall felt tears slip down her cheeks once she saw two people on stretchers and who they were.

She ran over to the ambulance. “Mom! Dad!”

It was what it looked like.

She fell to the ground.

This story was inspired by an old character I used to have, who got reinvented into Kamri in my new novel. I thought Kendall still deserved a home, so I created this reverse story, starting from the present and going back.


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    1. Thank you! I knew I had to make it sad, but it was so hard to know whether or not I was doing this the right way. xoxo Kennedy

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