Triple Post

First part:

Happy House of AG is having a giveaway!


Click HERE to enter! I also hope to do a giveaway soon (I am doing some sort of babystitter/mother’s helper thing so I will have some extra money).

Part two is a Christmas photo story (some photos are blurry, sorry):


“Hey, ‘Kenna, what are you doing?” Saige asked.

“Just getting ready for Mom’s new photo series, just like the others. How about you?” McKenna replied.

“Just relaxing from the last photo series,” Saige said.


“Guys! Guys! Come here!” Natalie cried.


“What?” the girls asked Natalie at the same time.

“The Disney princess Christmas tree is here! Mom’s had it for longer then she’s had me. Actually, she got it when this house was being built,” Natalie quickly replied. “Go get the others.”




“I got Belle!” Saige cried.


“Ariel,” McKenna said.


“I got Belle too. A different one,” Felicity said.


“I got, whatever her name is,” Kaitlyn said (actually, I forgot).


“My princess plate fell off,” Natalie frowned.


“GUYS! YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!” Isabelle yelled.

“Sorry, Isabelle. You can put on the topper,” Natalie said.


“Yay!” Isabelle said.


(Sorry about the other stuff)


“Yay! Cinderella and I are going to be besties! Now, that extra room I set up will be put to use!” Isabelle said with the girls staring.

“Um, Isabelle,” Kaitlyn said. “She doesn’t talk, or move.”

Part three is part one of my new series, Roanoke!

Cast in order of appearance:

McKenna as Evelyn

Felicity as Kaelyn (Kay-lynn)

Kaitlyn as Roxanne

Natalie as Caroline

Lily as Janet


My name is Evelyn, but the other girls call me Eve. Before I tell you my story, I should explain a couple things first.

Have you ever heard of the missing colony in the early 17th century? Well, that’s us. We escaped to an island from wild Indians who wanted to kill us.

Anyway, in our world, some people have powers. Not magic-powers. My mother said God gave it to people for a special purpose.


This is Kaelyn. Our parents both had powers, so they peacefully ruled the island.


Our parents all caught a disease and died. Also, another family with parents that had powers passed as well. With no one left with powers to rule the land, a mysterious woman named Roxanne showed up with powers.


Roxanne used her powers to blast the sky. From then on, it was always gray and no one could come in or out of the island without magic.

She ruled the island with strict rules. No holidays, dress codes, rough schools, the “Friend” group, and many more. The Friend group were families who agreed completely with Roxanne’s view of life, and got special things to do that were normally not allowed. As for the dress code, we used to have pretty clothing. Now, we have to wear plain clothing.


All the girls who’s parents died landed in this orphanage, with Miss Caroline.


That is, Kaelyn, Janet, and me.

Well, I guess I can start the first part of my story. It all started one December night.


Miss Caroline has a friend who works for Roxanne. She gives us some of the items that were taken away when she came to rule.


When we heard the doorbell ring, Janet ran to get the box.


“My summertime dress!” I cried.


“And mine too!” Kaelyn cried.


“You girls can wear them at night after the inspector comes. We are expecting her soon, and we don’t want to be caught wearing them, would we girls?” Miss Caroline asked.

“No, we wouldn’t,” I said.


I woke up early the next morning to give me some extra time for school.


I put my hair in a ponytail- that was the only other hairstyle allowed. Little did I know that after school, because of that ribbon, my life would change forever.



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