Updates+ Quiz: What Animal Are You?

Hi girls. I am so, so, sorry to keep you waiting Voyages D’été. But, my camera cord is lost, and I soon as I find it I have like five photo stories. Like I said, I am so sorry. To make up for it, I have another quiz! Yay!

1. What is your favorite after-school-snack?

A. Apples.

B. Crackers and water.

C. Chocolate.

D. Cookies and milk.

2. What is your favorite sport?

A. Track.

B. Swimming.

C. Tag.

D. I prefer making crafts.

3. You have an afternoon all to yourself. What do you do?

A. jog around the neighborhood.

B. Cannonball!!!!!!

C. Hang out around the house.


4. Do you have a pet? If not, which one do you want?

A. Horse.

B. Fish.

C. Dog.

D. Cat.

E. Other.

F. I don’t want a pet.

More A’s: You are a horse! You like to run and eat healthy fruit.

More B’s:  You are a fish! You love swimming and exercising. You also like getting wet.

More C’s: You are a dog! You like to run around and hang out with friends.

More D’s: You are a cat! You like crafts and lady-like things.

Mixed: You are a monkey! You like sports and candy. You like all sorts of things

I am a fish, I think!


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