Voyages D’ete, Grand Finale!!!!!

I lSo yeah, ten seconds after I posted part nine, I started typing this. Wanna know why? I took the pictures at the same time!!!!

Voyages D’été tag.

Saige is still Emma.

Lily is Allie again.

And Kaitlyn is Allie’s grandma.


I opened my eyes and sat up. I was in my regular gown, in my regular bed,  in my own room, in my fishtail braid that I had been to lazy to take out last night, and in 2014. That must’ve been some crazy dream.  I heard a knock on the door, and went up to answer it.


“Hi Emma!” Allie said. I was never so glad to see her at the door. ” I know it’s early, but today is the last day to hand in summer camp forms. Are you going?”

“Um, yeah. I just need to ask my mom,” I decided. I figured after my dream I could use some adventure.

“Great. Give her this form, and get dressed,” Allie said.


I gave the forms to my mom, got dressed, got the forms again, and hopped into the car with Allie and her grandmother.

“Wow. Emma, you never wear your hair down,” Allie said. “By the way, this is my grandma, Miss Maya.”


“Hello, Emma. Allie talks about you all the time. I knew a girl named Emma when I was 12,” Miss Maya said.

“Tell us the story!” Allie cried.

Then her grandma told the story- about me and her. It wasn’t just a dream! I thought.


“Hey, did you know I was  related to Thomas Jefferson?” Allie asked.

 “No,” I said, even more confused. Allie handed me a page she had  printed out of her gemology.


I looked on the page. It had Caroline and Cornelia on there too!

We got to the registration for camp, and Allie ran ahead.


I went to talk to Maya.


“What is it, Dear?” she asked.


“I’m not just Emma- I’m the Emma. I time traveled to you when we escaped,” I said.


“You kids are so funny,” Maya laughed until she saw the serious look on my face. “If that’s really you, tell me the color of my dress underneath my apron.”


“Ragged pink,” I said.

Maya believed me, and that all the people  had met were actually related. That was crazy. I’m glad she believed me. If I were her, I might not have believed me  if I were her.

After that, I ran up to Allie to hand in my forms. I was going to have a great summer.

~~~The End~~~


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