Voyages D’été, Part 3

Hi guys. We found the camera cord, so here is Voyages D’été part 3. Sorry there are no pictures at the end. Long story. I logo-d this one, but I need to make it bigger next time. See part two and one .

New cast:

Natalie as the prince.


Annabelle and Caroline tried to find an appropriate outfit for me, but the only good dress was small, so Annabelle put stockings on me.


Annabelle sent us to her neighbor who was a hair stylist. We came back and sat on the porch to wait for the prince. We talked about our prank. We made a spider out of leaves and twine, and then put it in Annabelle’s closet so she would have less time to get ready. Then, the prince came up the road.


“Hello, girls,” he said with a bow.

“Hello, your majesty,” Caroline said and I echoed. We did a short curtsy.


“Girls, can you keep a secret?” the prince asked.

“Yes,” we said.

“Are you ready to become Princess Caroline?”


“Huh?” she asked.

“I am going to ask your sister to marry me tonight,” the prince said. “Do you have any idea where I can ask her?”

Caroline and I stared at each other. What if our prank would ruin Annabelle’s engagement?  We only meant to give her a little bit of a hard time. Suddenly, I had an idea.

“After dinner, we can take a walk. Then at the waterfall, we will go on and you and Annabelle will stay. Then you can ask her,” I said.

“A marvelous idea!” the prince shouted. “I shot some bear meat for dinner. Let us go.”

His name is Prince Edward,” Caroline whispered. “Thank you,” I whispered back.


“Hello, Edward,” Annabelle said. “I didn’t have much time to get ready, but we made some pasta.”

“And I got some meat that I shot earlier. Let us feast tonight!” Prince Edward shouted. Men.  We ate so much that we barely had room for the cake Caroline made earlier.

“Why don’t we go on a walk?” I said. Annabelle hesitated, but Prince Edward shouted, “A marvelous idea!”


It was so pretty out. We took a walk around Williamsburg. That is where Caroline said we were.


“Look at the pretty waterfall,” Caroline said.

“Let us go see it,” Annabelle said.

“You go on to the waterfall, and we will walk a little more and meet you back home,” I said.

“Alright,” Annabelle said, glad to get some alone time with Prince Edward.

“Come on,” Caroline said. “I know a fun place.”

Caroline and I walked around town. We went swimming in a water hole with Caroline’s friend. Then the two of us went into a building.  There were a bunch of men wearing powdered wigs.  They were taking turns signing a document.

“Hello, girls!” said a man.

“Hello, Father,” said Caroline.

“Who is your friend?” The man asked.

“This is my friend Emma. Emma, this is my father, Thomas Jefferson,” Caroline replied.

I was in shock! Caroline Jefferson. This was July 2nd, 1774!

“Would you like to sign the Declaration of Independence?” Thomas Jefferson asked.

“Yes, please!” we shouted.


Meanwhile, back at the Jefferson house, Annabelle came back happy.

“I heard you helped with the engagement,” Annabelle said. Then she gave Caroline a hug and said, “Maybe you aren’t so bad a pest after all.”

Then, I saw Summer, and more sparkles. I knew I was time traveling again. “Goodbye!” I shouted.

Should Emma go to….

The 1800s


The 50’s.


P.S. This is not meant to be historically accurate.




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    1. No. I already finished it and have done part 4 and 5, but I want to do the 1800s next. I also learned how to knit doll bonnets I could make for it, and Emma could meet Laura Ingalls!

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