Voyages D’été, Part 5

It’s here! A bit short, but it’s here. Part one, two, three, four. It’s late, I know. I am terrible at doing posts on time.


“Where are we going?” I cried to Emma.

“To help you and Maya escape,” she said.

“How did you know about us?” I asked.


“I know where Maya keeps her diary,” she said in a sing-song voice, as if it was a great accomplishment.  “Let’s go find her.”


We found Maya sleeping, since Julia had gone to the marketplace.

“Wake up, wake up!” we called.


“What? Emma?  Princess Emma?” Maya said confused. We told her our plan. Maya was a little upset that Emma read her diary, but she was also glad. You know, like when you’ve had an argument with your sister (no names…McKenna) and you think terrible things about them and don’t want them to know so their feelings don’t get hurt, but also want them to hear because you’re mad?

We snuck through the castle to find the secret tunnel. While we were sneaking around….


We saw Julia! There was no place to hide! Thankfully, a palace worker called her away. We finally found the tunnel,


We walked….


And we walked….


And we walked. We walked all night.


When morning came, we found a clearing with lots of bushes and trees to sleep in. I know that makes no sense.


By morning, we were a mess. Emma said she had to go, but she left us with a map to her friend’s house, who would help us on our journey.


“Oh, look, cool rock!” Emma said.


When we went to the Friend’s house we knocked. A voice said, Who’s there?”

Should Emma and Maya…

End their journey here?


Just Emma end her journey here?


Take a ship to America?

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