Voyages D’été, Part 6 out of 13

Yes, 13! Sorry I didn’t get this up sooner. I have tons of school, co-op homework, and other activities. And my sleep. Of course, my sleep. One, two, three, four, five.

New Cast:

Kathryn: Felicity

Kathleen: Natalie


We knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” a voice asked.

“A runaway friend,” I replied. At least, that’s what Emma told me to say.


“Come in!” the voice said. The voice was Kathleen, and her daughter Kathryn.

“Wow,” Kathryn said. “Let’s clean you gals up.”


They brushed our hair…


And gave us new outfits.


Then, we went into the living room to wait Kathleen. Meanwhile, Kathryn filled us in. We would go on a ship to America for absolute freedom. Also, they weren’t the richest of people. “There is a small bed in the guest room,” Kathryn said. “I will sleep in there, and you will share my bed.”

“That’s very kind of you,” Maya said. Then, we got warm soup and crackers for dinner. We then went to bed.


Kathryn did have a small bed. I can’t believe the size of the guest room.


“Maya?” I said.


“Yes?” Maya said.

“Thanks for being my friend,” I said.

“You too,” Maya said sleepily.

“Goodnight.” we both said.


Kathleen then walked in the room and said, “Girls, I have good news and bad news. The good news is, we found a ship going to America tomorrow. The bad news is, only one of  you can go, and there will not be another ship for two months.”

“I will stay,” I said.

“No, you have to go,” said Maya.

“No, I insist. You have been waiting longer,” I said.


“Alright, a ticket for Maya. Goodnight, girls,” Kathleen said.


The next morning, we got dressed and went downstairs to wait for Kathleen and Kathryn. None of us said a word. Finally, Maya suggested we make breakfast for them because of their kindness. But, they came down to early for that. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. We hid behind the couch.


It was Julia! She said, “Excuse me, Miss. We have two girls who have run away from their homes. Their parents are worried sick. We think they may be hiding here.” The way she said parents made me sick.


“Come, quickly, in here!” Kathryn said.  She had a secret dresser.


(Sorry for the leather). With me in one…


And with Maya in the other, we were perfectly safe.


“Well, I guess they aren’t here. Thank you for your trouble,” Julia said as she left the house. Finally, we made it to the ship.


Scattered good-byes were said as we hugged. Then it was time for Maya to really go.


She waved from the ship as I waved from the dock. I then felt winds. Time travel.

Should Emma travel to…

The 1800s


Your choice!


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