Voyages D’ete Part 8

It’s the long awaited Voyages D’été part 8! Here is all the things tagged with Voyages D’été.

Oh, and I have a new idea for my next photostory, so Voyages D’été will be cut down to ten parts. It’s kind of like Once Upon a Time.

McKenna will be Evelyn, the star. But now, Voyage’s D’été.

Lily as Delilah


I was waiting for Cornelia outside the next morning. Earlier, she had convinced me to wear my hair down instead of putting it in a hair do. She said it was pretty.


“Um, Cornelia? Your clothes don’t match.” I said.

“Who cares?” laughed Cornelia, and I joined in on the laughter.


We played together in a humongous tree. I told her about the mysterious servant girl.


“That doesn’t sound like any of our servants,” Cornelia said, confused.


“That’s because she’s not,” a voice said from below. “Get down here, quick!”


“We can’t talk here. Follow me,” she said.


We walked and walked into a wood with lots of leaves.

“My name is Delilah, ” Delilah said. We told her our names, then Delilah sais, “An organization called the R.E.R. is going around to different houses and stealing their valuables, then burning down the building.”


Cornelia sat up straight and said, “We have to save  my sister and Grandmother!”

“Don’t worry. My sister, the “servant” Emma saw, is warning them now,” Delilah consoled.


“What can  we do to help?” I asked.

“Follow me, but tonight we need to get some sleep,” Delilah said.


We pulled leaves over ourselves to sleep, but none of us could sleep for more than a few minutes at a time.  Finally, we all drifted off to dreamland.


When we ( Cornelia and I) woke up the next morning, we saw Delilah picking berries. We went over.

“You girls need some breakfast,” she said.


“Zzzz,” agreed Cornelia, half asleep.


(What happened to her eye?)

“Oh no!” Delilah cried. “Run!!!”

Sorry, no more choosing. The suspense is up!


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        1. Not exactly. Emma stays the same, but some dolls play different characters. However, I won’t have a doll be two different people in the same time period. I will introduce them. Right now, Saige is Emma, Natalie is Cornelia, and Lily is Delilah.

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