Voyages D’ete, Part 9

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McKenna is new, but the same person she was in part 7. I forget her name, so I’m just calling her Jamie.  Felicity is Catharine.

Also, it was raining so I had to do the photos on the porch :(. Also, R.E.R.  stands for Random Evil Randomness.

“Run!” Delilah called. We followed her as fast as we could. My earmuffs fell off.


Finally, we made it to a building. We looked out for who we were running from.


We saw a figure, and Delilah latched the door.


Then we saw her.

“Who is that?” Cornelia and I asked at the same time.

“The leader of R.E.R.” Delilah said.

“Not just that,” the leader said.

“Jamie?” Delilah asked. “My sister?”

“One and the same,” Jamie said.


Delilah looked at her for a second with a tear in her eye.


Delilah pulled a string, then said, “Follow me.”

After going through several tunnels,


We arrived into a blue room.


Then, Delilah walked over to a woman in a brown dress. The lady said, “What’s that status on the leader?”

“She’s trapped in the yard. But,” Delilah said sadly. “She’s my sister, Jamie.”

“Agent 18011? A traitor? Never mind that, who are your guests?” the lady asked.

“Two girls from area 4664,” Delilah said.


“Girls, go down the hall and go into the room marked ‘Changing room,'” the lady said. “By the way, my name is Catharine.”


We got changed, then waited for Catharine and Delilah in another room.


“Hello, girls. Are the uniforms fitting? Sorry we don’t have regular clothes,” Catharine asked.


“Yeah, they’re fine,” I said.


“But why isn’t Delilah wearing one?” Cornelia asked.

“These uniforms are for agents that work in the building. Delilah works outside the agency, doing mission work,” Catharine answered.


“I have the status for area 4664, or Cornelia’s home. It was too late. It burned down. Cornelia, I’m sorry, but your grandmother and sister didn’t make it,” Delilah said.

“They’re… dead?” Cornelia asked.

“I’m afraid so, unless they somehow escaped,” Delilah said.

“You girls can stay at the agency,” Catharine offered.


I reached out and gave Cornelia a hug. Then, I fell to the ground.

Stay tuned for the finale-soon!


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