Voyages D’été, Part Two PLUS Bonus Photo Shoot

Hey girls! Since I am doing the collab with Loren, I decided to do the unnamed post today. I chose the title: Voyages D’été, which is French for summer travels. I got the idea from another doll blog. I forget which one! I see so many!  But the post was called loi soi nor. I have three new characters:

Isabelle as  Summer.

Felicity as Caroline.

Kaitlyn as Annabelle.

So, as I was saying. I woke up at midnight, and heard a creepy noise. I looked around, and realized:

Voyages d'été 1

This wasn’t my bed. Or my clothes, or my room. My hair wasn’t even the same style. I felt my ears. My piercing was gone! I decided to explore this strange house. This looked like a house from the Revolutionary War period!

Voyages d'été 2

I saw two sisters talking. One with red hair, one with blackish hair; I think it was a very dark brown like my mom.

“I will not move! I was here first,” The redhead said.

“Yes, but I am your older sister. I am in charge of you while mother is gone! Sit on the floor,” The brunette said.

“I don’t want to sit on the floor,” the redhead said. Her sister gave her a nasty look, then her sister said, “Go to your bedroom until you learn to listen,” she said with a push. I ran back to ‘my room’.

Voyages d'été 3

Apparently her room.

“Hey, who are you?” she demanded.

“Saige. I don’t know where I am. I… I… think I time traveled.”

“Sage? Like the plant? Any way, my name is Caroline. If you time traveled-”

“It’s just a theory. I don’t know how I got here.”

We talked. Caroline’s sister’s name was Annabelle. She was dating with a prince that lived with the governor, who I assumed came in from England if this was the 1700s.  Annabelle liked to boss Caroline around. Suddenly,

Voyages d'été 4

I saw a bunch of sparkles. Then I saw a table. It looked like a fairy was on it. I walked over.

Voyages d'été 5

True enough, there was a fairy. She had no wings, but she said she could fly.

“Hehe, hi, my name is Summer. I am the fairy of summer.”

“Uh, Summer, is it? Why am I here?”

“To experience the summer to the best of your ability. Whenever someone is running low on fun, I come and help. Now, reading is always good, but you don’t need to do it all day.”

I ignored what she said.

“How long will I be here?”

“As long as you need. Now, you mustn’t let anyone see me. Put me in your bag. Also, this book. It will answer some questions you have in your spare time.”

Voyages d'été 6

I put her and the book in my bag. Then I finished talking to Caroline, and read some of the book. People will see my bag differently as I travel, and as I travel my ear piercing will come back as it is in style. I can’t let anyone see Summer or else.  And, I can tell people I time traveled but don’t tell anyone about the fairies. Caroline and I went to go spy on Annabelle. Since I didn’t really know what to do, I decided it was better to follow her.

Voyages d'été 7

We went around the corner and saw Annabelle.

Voyages d'été 8

“I look so lovely, but so terrible at the same time!” She cried.

“Oh, please. She looks fine. But not for long!” Caroline giggled.

We went outside and did as Caroline instructed.

Voyages d'été 9

“Gather leaves and twine,” Caroline ordered.

Got some.  Ahh, I tripped.

Voyages d'été 10

“Here’s some twine!” I called.

“Good, we have all we need. Here’s what we are going to do..”

What should Emma and Caroline do?

A prank? Like what?


Should Emma go somewhere else and come back later?


Any other ideas?


P.S. Bonus photo shoot!

Voyages d'été 11

Patient dollies.

Voyages d'été 12

Leaf time!

Voyages d'été 13


Voyages d'été 14


Voyages d'été 15


Voyages d'été 16

Together forever.

Voyages d'été 17

Isabelle felt left out.

Josie on the Go
Josie on the Go




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