Wait, Only 4 Days, 1 Hour, and 55 minutes Until Christmas?

Yay for long titles. T

Ahem. 54 minutes. h

Anyway, I’m going to catch up on the Christmas Challenges. i

A Christmas Challenge

Some Traditions: n

Making cookies k

Watching Christmas movies all the time i

Opening presents from siblings on Christmas Eve n

Eating cinnamon rolls for a Christmas breakfast g

Moving the furniture so we can get to the tree easier o

Going to the tree farm and getting free popcorn kernels f


A Favorite Christmas Food: g

My cousin and I always make strawberry punch for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s awesome. i


A reminder for you all, my Christmas challenge starts tomorrow! a


There are no real prizes, but I thought this would be a fun thing for all of the writers. w

Basically, all you have to do use some of these prompts between tomorrow and January 1st. For anyone who completes it, I will make a personalized completion button 🙂a

Good bye for now! y

Christmas Sig

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          1. 🙁 Well I am very glad I entered then!
            Guess what?!?! My aunt entered our giveaway! She is a professional photographer and I guess she wants one for here website! XD Isn’t that great but still, it’s so funny! Yay!

  1. I like your “hidden notes.” 🙂 But did you know that in the WordPress reader they show up as black? I don’t know why. Your hidden note idea sounds exciting! By the way, we should probably actually pick a time to chat or we are never going to get around to it. What about 10:00 Wednesday morning? (Tomorrow) I’ll use the link you sent me in another comment.

  2. WordPress reader is when you follow a wordpress blog, it appears in a little section attached to your blog called a “Reader.” So you can see all of the posts from the blog’s you follow. But I’m not sure, it might not work with your blog since it’s not exactly a WordPress blog.

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