Welcoming Caroline, Part 1- Meet the Girls

I’m going to do a “series” about meeting Caroline. Don’t worry, I will still post Operation: Escape. I also have Roanoke, Season 2 planned. It’s going to be called EverAfter. To put it simply, one of the girls falls into a deep sleep and the other needs to save her. But, anyway, here is Welcoming Caroline:


Was this it? It had the marking on the doorway, just like she said. I knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Someone said.


The girls were all deep in conversation. Two were talking about a horse (that was knocking at the window),


Two were staring at me like I was an alien,


And two were having what looked like a book club. I spotted a book in their hands, so I knew (assumed) that was what they were talking about.


Oh, and there was a little girl in a cardboard box screaming for a glass of water.


One of the girls got up to talk to her, while the other one came up to me.


“Hi! You’re Caroline, right? I’m Saige. You can call me Saige,” she said.

“Yes, I’m Caroline, Miss… Saige.” I was so used to having to call everyone “Miss.” It was nice to call someone by their first name again.


Saige motioned to the girl in the cardboard box house.

“That’s Isabelle. She’s a bit dramatic. She’s only seven, so she should be in bed by now.”

“I HEAR YOU!” Isabelle screamed.


“This is McKenna. Kenna, this is Caroline.”

“Hello!” McKenna said cheerfully.


“That’s Kaitlyn and Felicity, the bookworms.”

“Oh, uh, hey,” they said, realizing they were being spoken about.


“And those girls are Lily and Natalie.”

“Hey girl!” Lily said.

“I’m Natalie,” Natalie said, a bit more shy.

“I’m sorry, our house is quite a mess,” Saige confessed. “But we have your-our- room nice and clean. I know! I’m so excited! We get to share a room.”


She started climbing up and I followed her.


We fell onto the cramped bed, laughing.


“Our room is the best,” she said. “Because we get the TV!”


I saw a poster on the wall. “Hey, you’re my sister in that play thing, right?” I asked.

“Yup.” she said. No wonder she gets to share a room with me.


Next two the bed were to name plates, one reading “Saige Minta” and the other “Carolina Maria.” I fingered it and smiled.


As we crawled into bed, I knew I was going to be fine here.

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