What GOTY Are You?

I am doing a quiz!  Yay! Here are the questions.

1. It’s a Saturday night, and you have some spare time. You are….

(a) Packing a blanket and snack to watch the meteor shower.

(b) Taking a midnight swim.

(c) Roaming YouTube watching videos of Olympic gymnasts.

(d) Practicing your artwork.

(e) Designing a new outfit.

2. What is your favorite school subject?

(a) P.E.

(b) Science.

(c) Ballet. I go to a dance school.

(d) Art.

(e) History.

3. What is your clothing style?

(a) Flashy and colorful.

(b) Dresses and casual beach-style clothes.

(c) Sporty.

(d) Anything flexible.

(e) Causal.

4. You just got a million dollars! What do you do?

(a) Use some of it to help endangered animals, some to go parasailing, and some to save.

(b) Save most of it to take more ballet classes and help my future.

(c) Use some to get new gymnastics equipment, some to save, and some to get some duct tape-for the next time I get a cast too brighten things up!

(d) Get some new paint stuff, and save the rest to get into a good collage.

(e)Build a big garden, get a new telescope, and save the rest.

5.What GOTY do you like best?

(a) Isabelle.

(b) Saige.

(c) McKenna.

(d) Kanani.

(e) Lanie.


1. a, Lanie, b, Kanani, c, McKenna, d, Saige, e, Isabelle.

2.a, Lanie, Kanani, Isabelle, Saige, McKenna.

3. a,Saige, Kanani, Lanie, McKenna, Isabelle.

4.a, Kanani, Isabelle, McKenna, Saige, Lanie.

5.a, Isabelle, Saige, McKenna, Kanani, Lanie.

More Isabelle: You are Isabelle! You like dancing and crafty things.

More Saige: You are Saige! You like arts and crafts, and you may even like animals too.

More McKenna: You are McKenna! You like sports too, and want to be in the Olympics when you grow up.

More Kanani: You are Kanani! You like the outdoors  and animals.

More Lanie: You are Lane! You like the outdoors, astronomy, and gardening.

This is my first quiz. I hope you like it.



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