What is She Doing?

Sorry all my posts are What is She Doing posts, but I don’t have anything else XD.

And the winner is….



Felicity: This is dreadfully annoying. Couldn’t Josie have thought about me???? I mean how do you expect an 18 inch doll to drink out of a 7 inch straw! Come on Josie!
*Climbs on table* Ahh. Much. Better. Wait a second…….. IS THIS ORANGE JUICE??? I HATE ORANGE JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The original caption was…


“Oh, nice and warm. And look! The blender is out!” I had just gotten the blender ready when Mom found out what I was doing. She laughed when I told her what I was doing. I asked her why she was laughing.


She had gone to the store to buy banana smoothies! Yum. Thank goodness for moms. Signing out, Felicity.



The next pic is..


BTW, Felicity and McKenna are on the bed, and their friend Sadie, I think, is next to them.



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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! call 911! the police! the fbi! somebody broke into my house and is sleeping on my bed! person in bed yawns, and says: is it time for pancakes yet, mommy?

  2. Sadie: Your not asleep yet!?! It’s 12:07!
    McKenna: You’re not asleep yet!?! It’s 12:07!
    Sadie: Heheheheheh……. I guess I’ll be going then……………..
    Felicity: Good one McKenna!

    Yay!!!!! I won!

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