What is She Doing?

And the winners are…..



come on, please! oh great, the DRINKS ARE STUCK! DON”T WORRY SODA! I WILL SAVE YOU!


McKenna: “Just…need…to…get…this…one….Ahhhh!” *falls*
*Gets back up* “Come on! you can do this, McKenna!”
*touches button* “Yes!”
*gets back up and climbs up the machine*
*enters the number of the food she wants*

Josefina: *walks up* “McKenna, what are you doing?”

McKenna: “I just entered the number for my favorite food from the machine! Now I’m waiting for it to come out through the slot!”

Josefina: “You DO know you need to put money through the slot, don’t you?”

McKenna: *facepalm*

The original caption was, “In the hospital there was a soda machine. After I got my cast, I was very thirsty. The soda machine was very mean. GIVE ME SPRITE!”

The next photo is…


I can’t wait to hear (or, um, see) your captions!


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  1. Felicity: “Hmmm…oh, this looks good.”
    *pulls cup over to her*
    *screams and runs out of the room*

    McKenna: *walks in and sees Felicity screaming and runnig away*
    *looks at cup*
    *shrugs and starts sipping*

    ~Lydia~ <3

  2. Felicity: This is dreadfully annoying. Couldn’t Josie have thought about me???? I mean how do you expect an 18 inch doll to drink out of a 7 inch straw! Come on Josie!
    *Climbs on table* Ahh. Much. Better. Wait a second…….. IS THIS ORANGE JUICE??? I HATE ORANGE JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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