Where I See Myself in Ten Years Tag

Hey everyone! Loren posted this tag quite a while ago, and I wanted to post so here I go.

Where do You See Yourself Job-Wise?

Not a clue. My dilemma.

Do You See Yourself Married?

Possibly. I dunno, 23 is a bit young. Engaged, maybe?

Do You See Yourself Having Kids?

Not in ten years, but after that, I think I want to adopt. People are like “oh, labor’s not as bad as you think it is” but I still would rather… not. There are plenty of kids who need a home that are already born.

What Kind of House Would You Live in?

A girl can dream, right?:


Um, no. Probably an apartment, unless I somehow became a famous actor and live in that ^^. If I had a family, then a might live in a cozy house where I can interior design to my heart’s content.

Where do You See Yourself Blog-Wise?

Probably with a completely new theme about whatever’s going on in my life. I just can’t see myself not blogging.

Do You See Yourself Having a Pet?

A kitty! I want a kitty. It really depends on where I live and what my income is, but if I can maybe.

Do You See Yourself Having a Car?

Unless the times change and we all use non-exploding hoverboards– which would be awesome! — yes.

Thank you all for your prayers on my health. My throat’s been better, but the weather recently has been giving me a cold, so it might all tie to that. Also, it snowed! It’s so early, but it did… there’s at least five inches. We went sledding earlier, which is fun.

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  1. Haha, we got around five inches of snow here, too. So cold, though! *shivers* And eep I want to adopt too! Is it weird that I decided that when I was four? Idk . . . XDD And yeah, same about the job thing. Me: trauma surgeon? teacher? immigration law? pianist? IDK SOMEONE HELP ME. *dies*

    1. Nope, not weird. When I was four I was stuffing baby dolls up my shirt to pretend I was pregnant. And, you can teach how piano helps with trauma surgery and make sure everyone is the class follows immigration laws.

  2. Very interesting post, Josie! Ha ha, it’s funny that you said 23 is young to be married (not bad at all, just interesting), because my parents were married at nineteen and twenty. πŸ˜€ And it’s a great idea to adopt! Two of my cousins are adopted and they are some of our closest friends. β™₯ Wow, that house is GORGEOUS! But honestly I might feel a bit uncomfortable living in that fancy of a house, you know? But it would also be SO fun, especially for a vacation house or something. πŸ™‚

  3. I think I’d rather adopt, too. XD Partly because I have a heart for orphaned children and partly because I “would rather… not.” XD I love posts like these! I have literally no idea what the future holds as far as where I’ll live or if I’ll have a pet… Probably no pet. -__- I’ve been hired as a professional devil butt-kicker, though, so my job in the ministry will be doing something along those lines. I could be kicking his butt in Peru/other foreign nation as a missionary or keep Delightful World of Dolls running as a business and just fund world missions… Other than that, I’ve got no idea where I’ll be in ten years. XD

    Ooh, snow! Have fun in its heavenliness. It’s 55 degrees here in Florida with no sign of anything white and powdery and wonderful like snow. 😩


          1. πŸ˜„ Spying has proven to be very useful in my life. Not only have I been able to fling snowballs in peoples’ faces without them ever seeing it coming, but my friends seem to like hiring me to play pranks without getting caught. I’m now rich, which is great.

          2. (my brother would appreciate that) Well, it has been amazing, but I must take a few hour break to return to work. It has been such a walk down memory road.

          1. Well, the snow should cool you down from the sun. Also, in the helicopter is anti-frizz hairspray for that humidity.

          2. I’ll take the sunny days from Florida, if you don’t mind. There’s a gadget in the copter for that too.

          3. Um… car accidents, school closings (which is great for most kids, bad for homeschoolers), the latter… but the switch has been done, and you can throw snowballs at your enemies.

          4. Now, when making snow balls, choose the perfect snow and pack it all in, then disguise it as a brownie. They’ll never see it coming.

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