WordCrafters 2- Part One

Yes, it’s here! If you don’t know what WordCrafters is, you can read the post about it here, and read WordCrafters I here. For the characters and other imporatant information, go check out Allison’s post here.

“Alright, the meeting of the Vivi Brown Fan Club will now come to order,” Vivi said, using a hairbrush as a gavel. “Today we’re discussing the building of the Vivi Brown Museum.”

“Hey, we never agreed to call it that!” Pippin yelled.

Esme smoothed her dress to get rid of the dirt that had somehow managed to get on her dress and combed through her jet black hair. “I’m okay with it.”

More than anything, Esme hated fighting.

“Well, what were you planning on calling it?” Vivi asked.

“The Pippin Merlin Appreciation Club!” Pippin exclaimed.

Vivi rolled her eyes. “Well, whatever you want to call it, we need to find some stuff for our museum. There’s got to be a ton of stuff out here in the woods.”

“Yeah!” Esme said. “We could press flowers and hang them up on the walls.”

“Ew, gross. I hate flowers,” Pippin said. Esme started tearing up.

Vivi crossed her arms. “I know you’re all, like, manly and stuff, but that’s just wrong. I think that’s a good idea, Esme.”
Esme squeezed the teddy bear she was hiding in her pocket and stopped crying. “Yay!”

“Maybe we could include a stuffed platypus!” Pippin suggested.

“That would stink up the place,” Vivi said.

“What’s a platypus?” Esme asked.

Pippin smiled from excitement. “It’s like a cross between a beaver and a duck. It’s my favorite animal- it looks hilarious.”

“Seriously, we should start looking,” Vivi said.

“Okay!” Esme said. “What about over by those fallen trees? Or by the beach?”

Vivi shook her head. “No, the beach is too far away. We could go look by the trees. I bet the storm unearthed some cool stuff.”

“I guess,” Pippin said. “I brought my shovel.”

Esme jumped up. Vivi ran over to the trees and Esme tried to catch up with her.

“Hey, no fair, you guys have longer legs than I do!” Esme exclaimed as Pippin and Vivi passed her.

Vivi smiled. “One day, Esmeralda.”

“Don’t call me that!” Esme said. “Oh, it’s so muddy over here.”

“Oh, stop whining,” said Pippin, who was already knee deep in dirt. “It’s mudgical!”

“What does that even mean?” Vivi asked, annoyed.

He smiled. “It’s a cross between mud and magical.”

“That’s horrible, Pippi Longstockings,” Esme said and giggled at the nickname she’d come up with.

“Seriously, I’m going to complain to the school for making you read that book,” Pippin said. He hated nicknames more than anything.

Vivi walked a few feet away. Pippin and Esme were as different as night and day, especially since they were so far apart in age.

Something was shining in the leaves. Vivi ran over and picked it up. There was a purple and blue shiny egg, covered in mud. Vivi wiped it off with her shirt, her blonde hair blowing in her face.

“Guys, come look at this!” Vivi shouted and the fighting Pippin and Esme suddenly perked up.

Esme ran over. “Oh, that’s pretty! Can we take it?”

“Well, I still think a stuffed platypus would be better…”

“Pippin!” the girls unanimously shouted.

“Okay,” he said and gave up. What was it with girls?

Esme shrieked. “Oh, I can’t wait to take it to our museum! Can we go right now?”

“Sure,” Vivi said and the three started to walk towards the abandoned barn they’d found a few weeks earlier. It was Esme’s idea to start a museum in there. Vivi wanted to turn it into a gym, and Pippin wanted to turn it into a “Cool bro hangout”. Esme won, like she always did.

“Can I hold it?” Esme asked.

“It’s pretty heavy.”

“You can then, I guess.”

Esme skipped off and ran ahead. “Come on, slowpokes!”

To Esme, it took forever to reach the barn. She was a couple minutes ahead, so she cleared the dust off of a low shelf.  It had to look perfect for their first item. She could imagine twenty years in the future thousands of people coming to look at their museum, paying tons of money to look at the exhibits…

She sighed, knowing it would never happen.

“Esme!” Pippin yelled. “You could’ve gotten lost.”

“But I didn’t,” Esme said with a grin. “Vivi, come put it here!”

Vivi placed the egg on the shelf Esme pointed to, and frowned when it tilted on its side.

“We could make a nest,” Pippin suggested. “It’ll be egg-celent!”

“That’s actually not a bad idea,” Vivi said. “Let’s go get some grass.”

Esme thought she head a cracking and turned around. The egg was shaking.

“Wait!” she exclaimed as the egg shattered.

Vivi and Pippin turned around.

“Woah,” Pippin said, staring at the small, baby dragon before him.
Esme picked up the destroyed egg shell to look at it, but in doing so dropped it. There was a flash of light that temporarily blinded her. When Esme could see again, she realized they were somewhere else.


1. Josie

2. Aria

3. Zielle

4. Grace 

5. Hayley

6. K.A. 

7. CutePolarBear

8. Nicole

9. Clara

10. Loren

11. Anika

12. Thewritingpegasus

13. Daisymermaid

14. C.

15. Thegirlofmanyfictionalnames

16. Lily

17. Megan 

18. Lainey 

19. Chaespeedreader

20. Bella (Book Sweet)

21. Suzy 

22. Danielle

23. Misty 

24. Rebekah 

25. Bella (Many Marigolds)

26. Maddy

27. Allison

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      1. You’re very welcome! But I think we forgot to put K. A.’s sister on the list! O.o Megan says she doesn’t mind if we put K. A.’s sister before her on the list. Do you think that would be okay, and fair to everyone?

        1. Who’s K.A.’s sister, first, so I can make sure she’s on there? We’d have to change the whole list if she did, so I’m not sure.

          1. K. A.’s sister is named Maddy. (Maddy seems to be a pretty popular name around here! 😀 ) Yeah, it’s really a bummer that we didn’t notice that earlier. Ugh! But I think it will probably be okay if we stick her in front of Megan… or maybe we could put her before me? Which would be better?

          2. Okay! Sure, I’ll put Maddy before me on my list too. Also, Heather wondered if she could make side-characters with superpowers like telepathy, telekinesis, morphing into animals, and that sort of thing. Do you think that would be okay? I’m almost thinking it would be better not to include that kind of thing. It’s not exactly dark magic, but I don’t know if all of the participants would appreciate that – including me. :/

          3. I think it would be better not to do that, especially since we don’t want to use “magic” magic, and super powers aren’t relevant to the story anyway.

          4. Yeah, I agree about the superpowers. I guess I’ll tell Heather that you and I decided that we didn’t think superpowers would be the best idea for this particular story and participants. 🙂

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