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Alison had a great idea a few months ago: what if all the bloggers came together to write a story? I mean, wouldn’t that be, like, the best story ever? So we’ve come together to introduce WordCrafters: The Story Chain.

WordCrafters 3 (1280x1280)

So, here’s how it’ll work:

*Sign up by commenting on Alison’s site or my site telling us you want to join*

*On January 15, Alison will post the first chapter and the order of the people who are writing the story. If you can’t make a date, tell her and she’ll fix it*

*Once it’s your turn, catch up on the previous chapters. You have around three days to write your story. Post it on your blog, or email it to us. Then, comment to the next person on the list to remind them and share the link (if you posted it on your blog) with me and Alison so we can put it on the WordCrafters page*

Keep this in mind as you’re writing:

Make sure your story is the right length. About 500- 2,000 words long is good. Also, keep everything G. No gory, etc. Just think, would you want your little siblings reading it? Your parents?

Also, share this with your friends who might like to join! Mention it in a blog post, pin it, etc. Spread  this through the community!

So, who wants to join? Sign ups run until January 14!

A plus tard!


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  1. Um, Josie? The “magic” part of the character is causing a lot of confusion. Is it OK if you make up a new thing for her to think about instead of magic? I think that would smooth a lot of things over.

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