I post, then not post, then say I’ll keep posting, then not post. And I haven’t really been having fun posting, which is what blogging’s all about.

I’ve probably lost all my readers.

However, my blog is about to expire. And it cost at least $10 dollars. So I’m going to do the 30-day blogging challenge, and maybe some posts in between. So hopefully I’ll be able to get my readers back and enjoy blogging again. Then I’ll see if I want to keep it up.

Day 1:

20 Facts about me.

1. I’m attempting to try a YouTube channel.

2.  I like frappes, but not coffee.

3.  My favorite colors are pink and blue.

4. I want to be a news reporter when I grow up, realistically.

5. Unrealistically, my absolute favorite thing is singing.

6. I learned how to read when I was 4.

7. I was a cheerleader for Upwards.

8. I’m a part of 4-H. Through it, I discovered my public speaking talent, and am now a state champion.

9.  I sewed a dress. I felt so accomplished when I finished.

10. My favorite musical artist is Sabrina Carpenter.

11. I’m in a homeschool choir.

12. Oh yeah, I’m homeschooled.

13. I like Ritz crackers.

14. I have an iPod 5.

15. I do not have brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, or gray eyes. Can you guess what color they are?

16. I’m going to see Britt Nicole in concert.

17. My room walls are purple.

18. My favorite Disney Princesses are Ariel, Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa.

19. My favorite TV show is Girl Meets World.

20. I am secretly Taylor Swift

I did a painting yesterday! I’ll upload it tomorrow to see what you think.

Bye for now,


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      1. His tour-mates are Britt Nicole and Colton Dixon. Maybe we’ll see each other… but probably not since he’s going a lot of different places.

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