Writing a Short Story, Part Two: The Rough Draft

The Rough Draft


Starting out a story, based on how you planned it, can be easy or hard. If you’ve given it a lot of thought and planning, it will come easy. I do this most of the time. Or, sometimes, I get struck with an idea and plan while I’m writing. Neither of these are incorrect to write.

Deciding whether your idea is a short story, novella, or novel (under 20,000 words, 20,000 words – 50,00 words, or 50,000 +) is simple. How long will it take the characters to complete their goals? Obviously, this is for the short stories (writing anything else is much harder).

Honestly, I just have to write when I do the first draft. Grammar might be horrendous and the plot might not be as good, which takes me to the editing stage.

Stay tuned next time for the editing stage!


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