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  1. She always was the first one to greet me when I got to work. She took me to lunch, and we chatted and laughed. Despite all of this, I still felt uneasy when I was around her.
    She had a pretty face, a nice smile. But her eyes… they were a different story.
    Her pupils were unusually small, and she had an odd habit of boring into me with those eyes while we talked.
    One afternoon, we were sitting at lunch again. I had finally gotten up the nerve to ask her. “Um… I had a question… what’s the matter with your eyes? Do you need glasses or something?”
    She looked up from her lunch, her pretty smile vanishing. Her voice raised a few octaves higher. “I have good reason for disguising my eyes the way I do, human.” She stood up glared at me. “If you saw for the way they truly look, you would cease to exist.”
    With that, she stalked out of the cafe. I didn’t see her again until I was much older. She knocked on my door, and I opened it to her angry glare, her eyes unchanged.
    “I’m watching you, human. You’ll never be safe.”
    Heh heh… it’s the best I could do. What do you think?

    1. Thanks Mattie! I used a plugin called Let it Snow. Go to your plugins, click add new, search it up, install, and activate. I’ve heard of some blogs, however, that have a built in snow feature. Look up what works for your blog.

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